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Men and Women in Prayer

Men and Women in Prayer

Part 4 of 4


Gender Roles: Part 4 of 4

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Lazer Gurkow (author) London, ON December 30, 2010

Prayer Isn't Required The Rambam believes that prayer is a biblical obligation. The others believed it is a rabbinical obligation. The Sanhedrin did not debate this particular question. Reply

shira phila December 29, 2010

prayer isnt required? interesting. it is rambam who believes that prayer is required. i thought this was agreed upon by the sanhedrin. great information overall. Reply

Nancy Walker March 14, 2009

Gender and Obligation Thank you for this talk. I am an older woman who has not yet married, and have prayed to overcome the obstacles of wrong learning that have kept me from freely enjoying my rights as a woman under Judaism. Your explanations have removed many obstacles and helped to illumine me as to the benefits of this life God has given me. I am realizing why I can praise God. In words this looks like a small thing but inwardly it is very great. Reply

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