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Darkness With Hope

Darkness With Hope


There are dark jewels in this world that can be salvaged, purified and taken as precious bounty for the good.

And there is darkness itself, the absence of light, that must only wait its time to expire.

How can we tell between them?

If the darkness fights back, there is hope.

It means there is something there worth fighting for.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Michael Overstreet December 16, 2017

The essence of Hashem lives within the souls of each us and therefore we can not lie to our subconscious. The knower, seer and hearer of all has built in a natural defense mechanism for darkness and that is the glimmer of light within each soul. But we must first light the wick to fight the evil of darkness within the soul. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ December 11, 2015

When Darkness Figtht Back I am trying to understand this concept. I understand darkness as evil thoughts, deed, etc. but it fighting back, I cannot grasp. I have been through a lot of experiences where I get evil in return for "good", which I sort of call it, to the point of almost finding myself lost in my dreams after these experiences. Especially with my family and love ones. I do not understand what I sm doing wrong. I pray to Hashem to reveal to me the truth, He often speaks to me in my dreams, but the symbols He gives me I often do not understand. I seek His councel constantly, and He is so good to me; but maybe I am like the horse who needs brittles to guide me. I ask for that too. I just want to be with Him. I cannot deal with the world, my family any longer. I seek refuge in His word and guidance. I am called a "fanatic" by my family. I decided to just leave them and continue on my my of Torah and Mitzvot. failing but I have chosen His ways, and the world leave behind. I am wrong? Rabbi help. Reply

Miss Judith Witten Brockton, Ma/USA February 8, 2011

The precipice of a Vacuum Right now the asistant living Facility situation that I am living in is getting wise to the lecturing I do to a bunch of invisible individuals in my room which helps my writing , drawing and even helps my painting when I do it because it airs out the past and what has happened to me-but they are not in the same place with it as I am and want to hospitalize me which means an oversaturalization of drugs and 50% less of my glorious glorious work-including Judaism and the comments and reading the great articles which has brought me closer to G-d and closer to my Art actually-but each day I find they don't drag me in quite yet so in my darkness this darkness does in fact fight back to give me more each time there is a wrestling match with it. Reply

mark alcock Dbn, SA December 7, 2010

Read Isaiah 9 : 2 & 6 About people walking in darkness with no idea how to embrace the Light and find hope, even when they see the light they runaway, reject and ignore light with hope, for their own comforts sakes. Reply

Malka Montreal, QC December 6, 2010

Shkoyiach! Powerful!

When he says:

"If the darkness fights back, there is hope. It means there is something there worth fighting for."

He is referring to our yetzer hara (evil inclination)...his job is to make us lose our focus... His focus however is on the most important things...the strongest urges are usually the ones we have to work on, if the yetzer is giving it importance...where ever there is holiness is were his focus lies... Reply

gigi amarillo, tx December 6, 2010

darkness fighting Eternal 'light' is always worth fighting for. Reply

cecilia NYC December 6, 2010

How true Thank you for sharing! Reply

joseph. Leeds, UK Leeds, UK December 6, 2010

Darkness with Hope As cosmology defines the ultimate darkness to be a black hole, which definately fights back, what do the philosophers consider the ultimate light by comparison? As the iniverserve was considered to explode from a minute entity and is ever growing then the light is also ever glowing in its presence. Reply

mark alcock Ethekwini, ZA December 6, 2010

Darkness is weakness and can't fight back ! Light exposes darkness, so darkness becomes helpless, with no defenses, only manifesting absolute guilt for hiding the silent & concealed truth. Reply

henk Buffalo, NY January 7, 2009

darkness exists only because it is necessary to single out those worthy of a place known as heaven, this is all by design, (hard to imagine,) those who seek the ways of darkness (fight against themselves and topple over one another as well as those who they prey upon that are pushed toward the light, when ever darkness fights, it fights with an unrelenting vengence even though it is with greater fault it seeks to win at any cost, when darkness seems to resist or appears hesitant, or even reluctant, it is merely a lost sheep unsure of what to believe or what direction to go and usually sides with its self, darkness is stubborn and unrelenting and it seeks to impose its corrupt confusing ways upon others (though its lost,) by its very corrupt nature it seeks to convince the world it is just and it the light, but it is light that never forces its ways upon anyone, it welcomes only those who seeks it with the 'freewill' they have been given, it sets out its instructions but twists no arms Reply

Paul Palnik Columbus, Ohio January 6, 2009

Darkness with hope. "If the darkness fights back, there is hope.

It means there is something there worth fighting for."


Anonymous January 6, 2009

Darkness with Hope As I read this, I thought about some of my acquaintanceswho argue with me regarding Orthodox Judaism. It is clear to me that if the darkness that fights back is within a fellow Jew, that means that the Pintle Yid within him/her is fighting to emerge. Reply