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Tirshey Salad (Tunisian Pumpkin Salad)

Tirshey Salad (Tunisian Pumpkin Salad)


This salad is very hot. If you are not used to eating spicy salads, taste with caution. If the salad is too hot for you and your mouth feels like it's on fire, eat bread. Water, soup etc. will not help.


  • 8 large cubes of pumpkin
  • 2 small/medium potatoes
  • 6/8 pressed garlic teeth
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of hot paprika
  • 1 teaspoon ground pumpernickel
  • juice from whole lemon
  • salt to taste


Cook pumpkin and potatoes in enough water to cover. Partially drain and puree. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Chill overnight for best taste.

Miriam lives with her family in Yishuv Ma'agalim in the South of Israel. She is a very grateful grandmother of many beautiful grandchildren. Miriam writes for a hobby, and her favorite stories are short stories for her grandchildren.
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Jenny Thielemann St. Petersburg August 29, 2016

how much pumpkin? This sounds fantastic, but what do you mean by "8 cubes of pumpkin"? How much by weight or volume would this be?
Thanks! Reply

Dennie Nes Ziona Israel April 1, 2013

Ground pumpernickel Miriam , Can you write in Hebrew what is ground pumpernickel? I think you mean "kimel" but I am not sure. I remember the slight taste of kimel in the version I used to get at a local Coos Coos restaurant Reply

Anonymous January 14, 2011

pumpernickel spice question i believe she (Miriam) means GROUND CARAWAY seeds, not pumpernickel. caraway is what is used in pumpernickel bread. it is also used in many middle eastern type salads/foods (north african - tunisian stuff, for example). it's NOT the same as cumin. in hebrew, caraway is called קימל Reply

Miriam Ma''agalim, Israel December 6, 2010

ground pumpernickel Ground pumpernickel is a spice that is sold in Israel and you can buy it from any store that sells spices in bulk. Very inexpensive.
Chanukah Samaech
Miriam Reply

Peggy San Francisco, CA December 1, 2010

Ground pumpernickel? The Tirshey Salad sounds scrumptious, but I have to echo Sarah's question posted 5 Feb 2009--what is ground pumpernickel? I've researched this word and found it to refer only to pumpernickel bread, and the name has nothing to do with any of the bread ingredients. I assume that something was changed in translation here. Sounds like it's a spice, and probably something that gives the salad a unique flavor--could it be pumpkin spice?

Many thanks for help! Reply

Susana Maráh Maduro Delft, Holland September 23, 2010

Chopped potato/egg dish. Thanks for sharing your family recipe! It seems wonderful indeed! Reply

Mary Falls Church, VA September 29, 2009

re: Aunt Katie's Potato Dish by Rosalie Dear Rosalie - This recipe is Exactly like the Potato Salad my Grandmother used to make - my Grandmother was from the Greek Islands near Turkey - these islands are famous for their 'Middle East' cuisine, so perhaps this is the origin of this recipe - there is a lot of overlapping betwen the Greek Island and Middle East/Israeli food as it is. Reply

Rosalie Las Vegas, NV April 6, 2009

chopped potato/egg dish My aunt used to make the most wonderful and simple dish for Passover. I wanted to see where the dish originated, but could not find one posting for anything similar. This recipe has been in our family for 50 years and it wouldn't be Passover without it. Everyone looks forward to eating this dish at this time of the year:

Aunt Katie's Potato Dish
4 large potatoes
8 hard boiled eggs
3/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion
1/2 cup vegetable oil (crisco)
Salt to taste (about 2 tbls)
Boil and peel potatoes when cooled, begin chopping one potato at a time, with 2 eggs, some of the onion and oil to make it bind together. Continue chopping, by hand, until all ingredients are incorporated. It should be spreading consistency for matzo. Refrigerate overnight. Serves 8. Reply

Sarah February 5, 2009

What is ground pumpernickel? Reply

Waltman Turlock, Ca./USA December 22, 2008

Miriam thanks! What artwork your salads are thanks for the recipes. Reply

vogel via October 22, 2008

stories Miriam thank-you for the recipes !

Avraham Goodman Netivot, ISRAEL April 26, 2007

Fantastic salads I want to tell everyone that these salads are absolutely delicious. Try them & enjoy! Reply

Devorah Horev Maagalim, Israel April 25, 2007

Yummy!!! Those salads sound amazing!! I will have to add them to my already large list of salads. Keep posting interesting recipies -I can never have too many!! Reply

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