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Cheeseless Cheesecake

Cheeseless Cheesecake


This cheesecake is so good and tastes so much like cheese that it is hard to believe it isn't. Perfect to serve with a meat meal or for those that are lactose intolerant. Excellent with strawberries, chocolate shavings or just plain as it comes out of the oven looking beautiful. This recipe is so easy and is virtually impossible to mess up!


2 8 oz. (230 grams) containers of Tofutti cream cheese (make sure to get plain and not a flavored version)

2 eggs

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 ready-to-use graham cracker pie crust

Mix all ingredients together. Easiest when the "cream cheese" is first mashed with a fork. Use an electric hand blender for a few seconds just to get rid of any remaining lumps.

Pour into the pie crust. Should fill to exactly the top.

Cook uncovered for 1/2 an hour at 350°F / 180°C. If after 1/2 hour the top is still liquidy, cook another 10 minutes or so until it is starting to turn brown. Cool completely before serving. Enjoy!

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Sarah Masha West Bloomfield MI USA May 29, 2017

I'm allergic to both soy and cow dairy. Sigh....
I substitute goat cheese in another recipe.
My crust is GF brownies. (Gluten is also not for me.) Reply

Anonymous TORRANCE, CA via August 6, 2015

You can make Infinite variations to this recipe and it never fails. This wonderful recipe never fails. I have put a Pareve chocolate ganache on top, got great reviews. Added some canned pumpkin (check if you might need a bit extra sugar), put some pumpkin pie spices and its perfect for your fall get togethers. Put chocolate chips into batter, beautiful and delicious. Add melted chocolate to the batter, (makes a kind of fudge pie) and so on.
It's easy to make a double recipe of the batter, separate into two bowls, and make two different versions that will go in same oven.
I haven't done a quiche like one yet. With regular not sweet crust, adding some vegetables to the mix. I have to test that. Sounds pretty delicious to me. Maybe make it square and cut in small diamonds, set over lettuce for appetizer. Yum. Reply

anna brooklyn August 6, 2015

thank you Reply Staff via August 6, 2015

re size I believe eight oz. Reply

anna Cohen Brooklyn August 5, 2015

what size are the toffuti containers Reply

Monique Sint-Michielsgestel April 12, 2015

what is dangerous, is abuse, of anything. Soy, eaten reasonnably, is not dangerous, look in Japan, they are doing fine! ...and a little suggestion, replace half of the soya cream cheese with soya sour cream.. mmMMmm!!! I had a New-Yorker that approved it, in Amsterdam! Reply

Anonymous April 11, 2015

Tofutti is vegan and is non- GMO. Reply

Shoshana p Los Angeles August 1, 2014

Ithis cheese cake actually taste very good , I made it many time until I did some serious recherch on soy and soy products. Soy is dangerous ! It's a million dollar buisness and we are being brainwashed for its health benefits .do yourself a favor And just Google soy and see it to yourself.....!?
Not a good idea for dairy intolerant and especially not for young children! Reply

Marian Whittier CA July 30, 2014

Freeze or Not to Freeze I read a comment you made on Veggie Boards regarding freezing. I was wondering if you would let me know... if I make my own cream cheese without soy and I bake it into a cheesecake could it be frozen?

By the way I love your site!!! Reply

Keren May 15, 2013

Egg Replacers When I am out of eggs I use an old trick I came across somewhere -- 1 T of Mayonaise substituted per egg. it works really well for me. But since Mayo itself contains eggs, that would not be a good choice for egg sensitive people.

I think soaking golden flax seeds in hot, boiled water until the gel is released and then substituting 1 to 2 T of the gel for each egg to be replaced would work well. I do that to improve texture in my gluten free baking. Use about 1/4 cup of flax seeds. It doesn't take very long until the gel releases from the seeds. It may not work in all ways that eggs are used, but in some baking I think it is worth a try. (When I'm baking gluten free bread I then also add the flax seeds to the dough for texture and extra nutritional value, and because I don't like to throw anything away that can be used). Reply

Bayla Lowy Rochester, NY May 13, 2013

GLUTEN-FREE GALORE Wegman's is a huge grocery chain here in Rochester, NY and they carry a huge selection of gluten-free products from cereals, crusts, crackers to cookies, pretzyls and so much more. Check it out, it will be worth it. Reply

Anonymous May 8, 2013

Soy free gluten free and/or raw cheesecake I am the head baker in a kosher kitchen in connecticut and for shavous i make a cheesecake from soaked raw cashews and a crust of almond flour and organic sugar, to make it a chocolate cheesecake i use parve dark chocolate and coconut oil melted together to make a ganache and mix it into the batter. This is a great vegan,gluten free,egg free, and even parve dessert that is totally interchangeable. Reply

Sue July 11, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Need recipes Will you share these two (regular and chocolate) recipes? I would like to try them both. Thank you. Reply

angel wife c.s., fl September 9, 2012

key lime? I'm certain to try the lemon meringue way, but has anyone tried it in a key lime version? Reply

Anonymous Naples, FL September 9, 2012

Cheeseless Cheesecake Ener-G Foods, Inc. makes an Egg Replacer... it is wonderful. You cannot use it for scrambled eggs, but is perfect for baking.

Good Luck! :) Reply

Esti E. Kew Gardens, NEW YORK via May 25, 2012

Thank you!! This cheeseless Cheesecake recipe is my lifesaver when it comes to Shavous time. I am allergic to dairy, So this is what I eat without having to be jealous of everyone else! So thank you so much for this recipe, it looks so easy and yum!! Can't wait to try it!!! Reply

Monique May 25, 2012

Soya / replacment for eggs. Shoshana. Soya contain some isoflavones, that mimic estrogens. Like everything don't use too much. And soya to feed cattle is usually genetically manipulated, but not for humans.

To the grandma whose granddaughter is allergic to eggs: usually, you can find egg replacer in the grocery store. If not, a quick trick: 15mL cornstarch per egg will do the trick :)

Shavuot same'ach! Reply

Shoshana Los Angeles, California May 20, 2012

Cheese less cheese cake Hi I have made this receipe many times. It tast really good . I actually added tto the cream cheese toffuti sour cream , it is even richer. But one day I was reading a chapter from Julia Ross : the mood Cure , and I really got nervous. She talks about the danger of soy milk and tofu.contrary to what a lot of people think consuming soy product is harmful to our health .we do not need extra estrogen as soy is a very high source of plant estrogen. Soy consumption is linked to depression and Alzheimer's. And giving soy based formula to babies is like giving them 5 contraception pills a day!!?? Can you imagine the consequences !!? Very scary .
So cheese less cheesecake...,,?! You want to think again about it. You can use coconut cream instead it taste good and it's good for you and add lime juice instead of lemon.. Reply

Anonymous Jacksonville, FL May 17, 2012

Cheeseless Cheesecake My little granddaughter is allergic to both eggs and dairy products. Can any of you tell me what to use in place of eggs? Reply

Anonymous Dallas, TX March 12, 2012

No crust! What else can you use besides graham cracker crust? Reply

Betty Lewin B''klyn, NY June 7, 2011

No Bake Cheesecake Do you have any events comintg up, please let me know!
I will make some of your delicious cheesecakes and other recipes for Shavout!

Betty Lewin Reply

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