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Prayer: an Anthology

Prayer: an Anthology


Prayer is called many things in the Torah. Jacob has an "encounter" on Mount Moriah; Pinchas conducts a "judgment" with G‑d; Isaac and Rebecca "entreat" for a child; Jonah "cries out" from the belly of the fish. The Midrash surveys the Five Books of Moses, the Book of Psalms and the Prophets, and finds 13 ways to say "prayer": cry, howl, groan, stricture, song, prostration, encounter, judgment, entreaty, standing, appeal and beseeching.

Of course, no two people cry alike. Judgment can be the judgment of self, of our place in the world, or of our relationship with G‑d. And certainly the tone and timbre of our prayers varies with the time and place of our beseeching, the reason for our entreating, and the object of our appeals. Thus each of the thirteen modes of prayer include numerous colors and textures, as we have attempted to demonstrate with this selection of 28 stories, essays and articles, culled from 125 issues of Chabad.Org Magazine.

Stories of Prayer:


The Fork in the Road

The Chassid and the Fool at the Leiptzig Fair

The Bulkhead

The Old Man on the Island

Getting There

The Prayerbook

A Guest, a Fish, and a Prayer

The Dancing Jews

The Ladder

Voices of Prayer:


Grace After Meals


A Man I Met in Shul

Uncle Irv



Advice to an Expectant Mother


Rehearsal for Redemption

Enter the Beloved

Essays on Prayer:

Is G‑d a He?

The Cosmology of Prayer

A Glass of Milk

Prayer Insights:

The Tzaddik's Prayer

Talking With G‑d

Holy War

Bless You!

Wrestling With Angels

Why Do We Pray?

If G‑d Knows Best, what's the Point of Prayer?

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Anonymous Baton Rouge April 11, 2017

I see only 12 words for "prayer" listed here. Unless with we supposed to count the actual word "pray" here? Reply

Anonymous via July 8, 2011

prayer Prayer is the inner cry of what we think we want or need. It is something we feel needs to happen. We hope G_d will agree with us and give it to us. But maybe his answer comes through blessing us with tears or pain that causes us to grow in our character. His ways are so much higher than ours. Yet He listens, hears, and answers....Hmm. Reply

Steve Katz Melbourne, AU March 8, 2011

Prayer is equivalent to You get what you ask for In other words, real praying is equivalent to the phrase "what you are innerly asking for". So the output of prayer is "you get what you are innerly asking for" or "you get what you are innerly concentrating upon". Your own inner energy is a magnet that attracts a reality pursuant of what you are innerly or actually believing; not what you are thinking you are believing. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, August 25, 2009

Prayers Sure! Here are some links to selected prayers:

Selected prayers for various occasions

Rosh Hashanah prayers Reply

mariko baguio, philippines August 25, 2009

prayer can you post examples of prayer? Reply

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