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A World Discovering Itself

A World Discovering Itself


The goal is for the world to discover itself. To discover that its beauty is endless and its wisdom unfathomable, because it is the ultimate expression of the mystery of the divine.

Which is why the mitzvahs of the Torah are absolutely crucial to this venture.

When you wrap tefillin on your head and arm, you are unveiling that mystery within yourself.

When you make your consumption of food sacred by keeping kosher, you are unveiling that mystery in the world that feeds you.

So it is with every mitzvah—all connect you and your world to a higher, divine purpose. To its true meaning.

So that when you do those mitzvahs, and then you go out and repair the wrongs of social injustice, replenish the Amazon forest, rebuild the villages of Nepal—there too you will see not just a world, but a creation. A creation of divine mystery.

You will see it with the light of the Torah and mitzvahs that carried you there.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Brenda Toronto, Canada July 13, 2017

A Soul Discoverung Itself Spiritually the Mitzvot are the commandments to perform inner work to correct the soul.

When we fell from the high spiritual level of the First and Second Temples, the mitzvot lost their divine connection to the soul and became expressed as physical actions Beyond keeping our people together, these actions will not correct the soul or the world you see.

Now the time has come for us to perform the inner work to unite our broken pieces of the soul of Israel and to scrutinize that all our thoughts and intentions are for the sake of others. This inner work will draw the positive Light to heal all humanity. The world we see outside is destined to disappear after our inner soul work is complete. Reply