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Kosher Yearnings

Kosher Yearnings


He sits and yearns for a thing he should not have. For something beneath himself.

The yearning itself is good—to live is to yearn. If there’s nothing for which you yearn, you can hardly be said to be alive.

It’s the form this yearning has taken that is death itself. To yearn for that which is beneath you is to destroy yourself.

So the form must be crushed. Extinguished like the embers of an abandoned campfire in a dry forest.

And then that yearning can be freed, the flame of life that burns inside. That was always good. The yearning—that is life.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Brenda Toronto, Canada May 7, 2017

Spiritual Yearnings The fuel to live in this world is provided by the yearnings to satisfy our selves through gratifications from food, money, wealth, power, status, knowledge.
We have exhausted these yearnings, even liberalism has reached a dangerous level. The ego is in it's final stages.

We are in transition - a new yearning has awakened: to discover our soul, our roots. It will be set in motion by those who awaken first. Then they will pass this wisdom to all humanity until "the earth is full of the knowledge of G_d."

We will all live for others instead of ourselves, in an eternal spiritual system which realizes the dream of G_d's plan for us.
This is 'kosher' yearning. Reply

Lamont Myers Hallendale Fl. May 16, 2016

Yearning Life is yearning to live. Somethings in life there are no substitutes for. Love, righteousness, truth, integrity, devotion, wisdom, understanding, and Torah. Yearning to live. Reply

Karin Kruger Oklahoma City, OK/USA May 15, 2016

Kosher Yearnings clarification Thank you for providing the link to Malkie Janowski’s response to the difference between the “evil inclination” and the “animal soul” on 6-18-09. It made this Daily Dose crystal clear.

The response also provided instructions on how to channel our self-absorbed desires, the nefesh habehamit, into “kosher yearnings”. I appreciate that the article pointing out that destroying our evil inclination, yetzer hara, is a step by step process – something which takes time and work to ignore, weaken or hopefully to destroy.

I would love to feel excitement and enthusiasm over prayer, tzedakah, study and mitzvot consistently; G-d willing, I will continue to make progress. Reply

Anonymous May 15, 2016

The Yearning What form of yearning did the Rebbe mean? Physical desires? Economic desires? Please explain further. Reply

Marsha California USA May 15, 2016

Form of yearning What is meant by - "It is the form his yearning has taken that is death itself." Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman September 19, 2010

For Anonymous in Melbourne The yearning is the raw material. Evil or good are forms that it takes. That is why it is called a "yetzer"--which bears the meaning of "form."

The title expresses the hope that our yearnings should take a kosher form. Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia September 17, 2010

"But the form this yearning has taken, this is death itself"

Which form?

Does the title Kosher Yearning refer to Non-Kosher yearnings ?? Reply

Anonymous EHT, NJ September 15, 2010

Kosher Yearings I agree 100% with this article! Thank you for posting this article. Reply

Shahid September 15, 2010

Beautiful! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Regards. Reply

Alton Langille New Glasgow, NS, Canada September 15, 2010

behavior To me, this seems to have an analogy with psychology. You can't completely crush the behavior or desire. A behavior or desire can be changed from one form to another, though. Of course, I could be totally wrong. What someone sees in something can be purely subjective. Reply

Ms. Gigi Garroutte September 15, 2010

Yearning We yearn because we need. We need because we 'live'. It's WHAT we yearn for that is the question. an astmatic yearns for a full breath of oxygen....
an addict yearns for the next fix...
The Sons of God yearn for their Father. Reply

Rick Beaverton, OR September 15, 2010

Yearning. How does a man crush his inner yearning? I know he must. But how? Reply

Norbert N. Steiner Boston, Massachusetts June 19, 2009

Kosher Yearnings This needs clarification at almost every level. Is this a particular man who sits and yearns or is it supposed to be a generallization? What form is refferenced? Does any part of this refer to a parshah or anything else? No part of this makes any sense!!! Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman June 18, 2009

Clarification A lot of this is clarified in Malkie Janowski's response, found here: Is there a difference between the "evil inclination" and the "animal soul"? Reply

Anonymous Cyprus June 18, 2009

Dear Rabbi What does this mean? Reply

Lana Wichita Falls, Tex. June 18, 2009

Inner yearning How do you crush the inner yearnings? Reply

Joseph Saucedo Buford, GA June 18, 2009

Yearning Would you please be more explicit about "form(s)" of yearning?

Thank you very much.

Shalom Reply

Anonymous Ottawa June 18, 2009

Idolatry Smashing Idols to free the soul from it's yearning for them.

We smash them not because we hate them, but because we like them too much.

What an insight... Reply