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Do You Really Believe That the Torah Is Historical?

Do You Really Believe That the Torah Is Historical?


Do you still hold on to the belief that the Torah is Divine? Literary experts and historians have compared the Bible to other writings of 3,000 years ago (when the Torah was supposedly given by G‑d) and say that its style doesn't fit into the literature of that time frame, and must have been written much later. How can you ignore a fact that has been scientifically proven?


Did you hear the joke about the recent study on frogs? Scientists took a sample of over 100 frogs of various species and did the following test:

They placed each frog on a table, crept up behind it and shouted, "Jump!" The frog jumped.

Then they cut off one leg, and again shouted jump. It jumped, although not as far.

They then cut off a second leg and told it to jump, and then a third, each time observing that the frog responded, but jumped smaller distances.

Finally they cut off the fourth leg and again shouted "Jump!" They were amazed to find that in every case the result was the same. The frog did not move at all.

The conclusion: When you cut off a frog's legs, it goes deaf. It is scientifically proven.

We all come to the conclusions that we want to believe. When the experts find that the Torah is too advanced for its time, they conclude it must have been written later than claimed. When I study Torah, I conclude that it is still ahead of its time, because it was written by G‑d for all times and all places. Even the parts that seem archaic and outdated, when explained on a deeper level, have powerful messages that I often feel are speaking directly to me. They are relevant and inspiring to me, right here, right now.

Many have tried to either prove or disprove the Torah's divinity. Neither attempt will be successful. G‑d wants us to have free choice. If we listen to His word, it is not by force. To maintain balance, there will always be valid arguments to discredit Him and His Torah. We can choose to buy those arguments, or see beyond them. Then, when we open ourselves to the Torah's message, the choice to do so is coming from within.

G‑d has given you a mission. How you respond is totally up to you. You can be as deaf as a legless frog, or you can take a leap in response to your higher calling.

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Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
Sefira Ross is a freelance designer and illustrator whose original creations grace many pages. Residing in Seattle, Washington, her days are spent between multitasking illustrations and being a mom.
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Edward Delaware June 20, 2017

Torah is 100% accurate. I would bet my life on it! Reply

jim dallas May 15, 2017

take it from one who has examined it in its depths and its supernatural powers....Torah is more genuine than the human race...definitely Divine sourced. Reply

Arthur Yanoff May 10, 2017

Torah as history Naturalism is the enemy of Torah. Torah is a dimension that transcends linear history. To only see Torah from a limited sphere is to miss other levels of exploration. Reply

Anonymous May 10, 2017

Wouldn't it have been just as concerning if the Torah perfectly fit into the literary style of that time frame? A Perfect God presents a Perfect Torah that is literally the blueprint of the entire universe - every facet of all of creation is somehow mysteriously contained within it - and for "some reason" it looks a lot like the other stuff people were writing in those days. If the literary experts said either statement (i.e. it did or didn't fit into that time frame) we would be equally skeptical. It's just a question of which lens you're viewing the information. Reply

peter white county donegal May 10, 2017

I wish you wouldn't have used analogy of cutting legs off a frog - otherwise, i like your article Reply

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