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Torah Scroll Facts

Torah Scroll Facts


• A Torah Scroll is the holiest book within Judaism, made up of the five books of Moses.

• There are 304,805 letters in a Torah Scroll.

• Each page has 42 lines.

• The Torah Scroll must be written by a specially trained pious scribe called a sofer.

• A sofer must know more than 4,000 Judaic laws before he begins writing a Torah Scroll.

• It takes about a year to write an entire Torah Scroll.

• Even a single missing or misshapen letter invalidates the entire Sefer Torah.

• The Torah we use today in your synagogue is written exactly the same way the Torah was written the very first time by Moses 3,300 years ago.

• The Torah is made of many sheets of parchment that are sewn together to make one very long scroll.

• The entire Torah is written by hand, each letter is inscribed and individually formed with a quill and specially prepared ink.

• The Torah is read at least four times a week in synagogues around the world.

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Anonymous chilliwack, Canada BC November 23, 2011

This was awesomely helpful. Thanks. Reply

Inez Medellin Dunker Hitchcock, Texas, USA February 5, 2010

Thank u It's excellent- comment I am so glad to hear your short story, please contact me if you can, my granparents came from Spain and there is a similar story as yours, This is happening more frequently than anyone can realize, G~d brings His people back, we are Jewish and didn't even know it, for the many reasons we had to change. It is said, Moses knew you were coming, you were at Mount Siani when G~d gave us His commandments, we heard it. Many are waking up. I call it "The Lions Awaken" Torah is so awesome, Our G~d truly loves us and did keep His promise to us. I and another couple are getting a special program together to educate all those who want to know of their Jewish Roots, Truth! I have converted to Judaism, its the best religion, an awaking with great Love. Reply

k November 15, 2009

its nice the answer is it takes a year to write a torah scroll Reply

Anonymous San Juan, US via July 15, 2009

Thank u It's excellent Thanks, I decided to start learning about Judaism after all my life being Catholic. I am 43 years old but this basic page has been useful to me. I decided to start learning more after I found that some facts are not logical in Catholicism, and I found that some of my grandparents were Catholics converted from Judaism. Reply

Anonymous June 17, 2009

Thankyou thankyou, this site helped me so much with my project... Reply

cecil Strang Glasgow, Scotland May 13, 2009

torah when was the torah compiled? Reply

eden essex, england May 1, 2009

thankyou this site helped so, so much with my work today! Reply

Tia Farmington, Minnesota April 19, 2009

thanks so much!! i finished my project waaay faster than i expected now. Reply

lacey london February 10, 2009

this helped me so much with my r.e. homework and made it a lot easier to write about the torah. Reply

adelia nigara falls, new york January 24, 2009

thanks so muchhh(:

this helped me in my last minute crunch to finish my project! Reply

Sydney Greenberg Toronto, Canada November 20, 2008

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My torah project was sooooooooo much easier. Reply

Livpiv Nottingham, England June 27, 2008

Thankyou sooo much this web is realy useful it helped me with my R.E homework!
Thankyou very much. Reply

Jack nurney london, england February 4, 2008

thanks this website/information really helped me with my Re homework and it was very interesting to read. Reply

devorah oak park, mi. via February 3, 2008

WOW! Its amazing how these sofers do it! Reply

Helen November 18, 2006

Very well done. Loads of information and this site really helped with my school project. I will recommend your site to everyone I know whos doing this project. Please make more websites like this! Reply

James Hamm Hesperia, Ca September 10, 2006

Childrens Torah Scroll:Making a Torah Thank you!! My children and I loved your explanation of The Torah Scroll and how it is made. It is awe inspiring. Reply

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