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Rivky Reflects on Her Life Challenges (Video)

Rivky Reflects on Her Life Challenges (Video)


Rivky Reflects on Her Life Challenges

Children and People with Special Needs, Berman, Rivky, Struggle, Challenge & Adversity
Rivky (Deren) Berman (1986-2016) lived with positivity and intrinsic faith, inspiring those who were fortunate to know her and those who did not.
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Amina Dar Es-salaam June 2, 2016

Rivky Berman, may God rest you in his favorite peace the promised heaven. And I want your family to know that you were and are the gift to all who believe in one God . Your insiparation is so big and will last forever. Aamin. Family I am so sorry for your loss, may prayers are with you. Reply