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Why Must the Wedding Reception Be Kosher?

Why Must the Wedding Reception Be Kosher?

Can’t the rabbis just stick to the ceremony and leave the catering to the caterers?



Why do rabbis insist that the food at a wedding be kosher? Frankly, I don’t see why it should matter who the caterer is, and if I don’t usually keep kosher, why should my wedding be kosher? I understand you need a rabbi to oversee the ceremony, but why do you need a rabbi to oversee the kitchen?


Good question. But let me take it one step further: Why do we need to serve food at a wedding in the first place? Can’t you get married without eating? And indeed, why does every Jewish event involve food?

The answer: Eating is our way of capturing a moment and ingesting it. By linking a holy event with a meal, we bring the holiness down into our body. Without food, the event would remain somewhat abstract. The food is what brings it down to earth.

Food is the bridge between matter and spirit, body and soul. Our soul is our life force; our body, a lifeless shell. By eating, we connect our physical self with its spiritual life force—we bring soul into body. If we didn’t eat, our body would gradually disconnect from its source of life. It is food that creates the link between body and soul.

That’s why we eat at a wedding. The Jewish wedding is a spiritual event. A holy light descends upon the souls of the bride and groom, bringing them together as one. We don’t want this to be a fleeting moment, but rather we want to absorb the spirit and energy of the day. This is achieved by eating a celebratory meal. Through eating food from a wedding meal we absorb the Divine light into our bodies and bring the blessings down to earth, so that the holiness of the day influence the lives of the new couple, their families and all present.

That’s why the food must be kosher. The kosher diet promotes good circulation between soul and body. If this is true of every meal, how much more so for a wedding meal. The holiness of a wedding can be captured only by food that is holy.

You hire a good photographer to capture the scene of the wedding day. Have a kosher function, and capture the soul of the day forever.

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Lisa Providence, RI September 18, 2017

It's a Jewish wedding, and kosher food symbolizes that. Reply

Mlk B May 31, 2016

Apologize Apologize my reply was misunderstood . I was not referring to animal rights . Reread my posting and you will see your reply was in correct. Disagree with your posting there is no rule that I am aware off that says vegetable meals are not proper. Have been to several Jewish wedding that vegetable were severed . Reply

Anonymous May 29, 2016

To MLK of Brockton: There was never any mention of animal rights by the lady from Maryland. You jumped to that conclusion all by yourself so that you could make an accusation and show-off how much you know, but It doesn't matter if what you said is true. Don't be the first to criticize. Reply

Michael Brooklyn April 10, 2016

Very nice Beautifully written :-) Reply

joseph April 10, 2016

to anonymous april 6, 2016.

if one is vegetarian because he believes that its not right to kill animals for food, htat belief is also not kosher. . see genesis parshes Noah. Reply

M L K Brockton Ma April 9, 2016

Why Why is a good question my daughter when she was young would say why .A kosher wedding is special in many ways I am an only child and had the great honor of being carried around on a chair. Do not know if that is still being done . My parents were poor but oh what a wedding I had . Reply

Joanna Arizona April 8, 2016

Clean Diet For all the non-jewish people who just want a clean diet just remember no yeast and no pork. It kind of blows my mind that anyone would eat a swine. To the Mom of the son getting married..stay out of it! I've never heard of not attending an event because of the food. Reply

Anonymous ny,ny April 8, 2016

Yup, you are what you eat, spriritually too. Reply

Anonymous April 8, 2016

I thoroughly understand this person's question and the answer given. This was an excellent explanation. Even though I'm not in that phase this explanation helps in other areas.
Thank you! Reply

joseph bklyn ny April 6, 2016

I am just curious at the question, if you don't need kosher food, why do you need a kosher wedding? or why do you need kosher anything if you don't believe, its the same source Reply

Anonymous Maryland April 6, 2016

Thank you My Jewish vegetarian son is getting married G-d willing this September and his future wife, who is Jewish, and is also a vegetarian did not understand why I insisted on a Kosher caterer. My son , who grew up in a Kosher home wanted to please her, and thought a vegetarian wedding would be a good compromise. I won the argument by stressing that my Kosher family and friends would not be able to attend and agreed to pay the entire caterer bill, but she felt like I was keeping her from having the wedding at her dream location ( which would not allow outside caterers) I cried over this for many a night and anguished over how to convince her without alienating my son who defends her every want. This article gives me some wonderful ways to try to explain why I was so adamant. Reply

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