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The Kabbalah of Speech

The Kabbalah of Speech


Try saying these words to yourself:

Depressed, sad, afraid, guilty, alone, weak, fragmented, disconnected, weary, helpless, victimized, threatened, tired, drained, resentful, unappreciated, misunderstood, burdened, angry, hate, hard, not good enough, dreary, stupid, ugly, lonely, impossible, overwhelmed, isolated, too much for me, failure, I can’t, danger, panic, it’s too hard…

How do you feel? And, what happens to your goals when you feel this way? To your energy? To your willingness to take risks? To your belief in yourself and your dreams?

It's not such a pretty picture.

Now try these:

Happy, overjoyed, energized, strong, delighted, proud, empowered, flowing, intimate, ease, rested, fresh, possibility, connectedness, trust, openness, aliveness, love, awe, greatness, authenticity, harmony, success, safe, free, just right, excellence, beauty, pleasure, joy, power, creative, wholeness, shimmering, I have what it takes, I can do it, it’s a breeze….

Feel any better? Ready to get going again?

This simple but powerful exercise is designed to give you a tiny taste of the power of words. Words create! The words we use (whether in speech or thought) play a central role in generating our perspective and feelings. Our feelings generate actions and our actions generate results. It all starts with words.

Want to Know Why It Works this Way?

G‑d created the world with words. According to Kabbalah, words and letters are the actual building blocks—the raw material—of creation. Everything has a name in the Holy Tongue, and each letter of that name is a channel for a specific Divine energy. The energies of these letters and the way they are combined determines the particular unique characteristics of everything in existence.

Before the words of creation were spoken, everything existed only in a primordial state of Divine "nothingness"--infinite undifferentiated potential.

But when G‑d said, "Let there be light" (In Hebrew, Yehi ohr), these words became the creative force that brought into being what we know as light. The same thing applies to each and every detail of creation.

Creation, however, was not a onetime event. According to Kabbalah, the words of creation are being "spoken" by G‑d continuously. Therefore, the world is being brought into being anew out of the Divine "nothingness" at every moment. In fact, the natural state of the universe is non-existence. If G‑d were to stop "speaking" the words of creation for even an instant, the whole universe would disappear as if it had never been!

What Does this Mean to You?

As a human being, you have been invested with the power and the purpose to act as a partner in creation. And as such, you are invested with the same extraordinary Divine power to speak your world into existence! You have the ability to create with your words; to start to bring into being what you truly want out of the infinite potential of your own soul. Just as the creation of the universe began with words and is sustained with words, so too every creative process. The words you use actually bring things to life—and when you stop using those words, or change them, you will inevitably create something completely new.

Words of love create nurturing and connection. Words of praise inspire confidence and peace. Words of hope generate positive action. Words of encouragement bring courage into being. Words of vision cause the soul to come alive.

So choose your words with care—and let there be life!

Shifra Hendrie is a personal and spiritual coach who has been studying and teaching the principles of authentic Kabbalah for over 20 years. More about her writings and programs can be found on her website.
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Michael Dineen Ridgefield, Wa.-USA December 4, 2008

Kabbalah -- Not good for Jew or non-Jew....... Reply

bracha meshchaninov December 3, 2008

kabbalah of speach great article!!! Reply

Thomas Karp November 29, 2005

Whoa, hold it! Wait just one moment, Ms. Hendrie!

What about the letter aleph?

You said-'before the words of creation were SPOKEN (not yelling, just emphasis) everything existed only in a primordial state of Divine "nothingness"-infinite undifferentiated potential.'

But the letter aleph preceded all the other letters in the Hebrew alphabet and it is silent, not SPOKEN.

Wouldn't that establish then that creation did not start with that which was spoken, either by G-d or man?

Response? Reply

zahava green edmonton, November 27, 2005

the power of words How true this is. We are what we think and say. Thank you for reminding me of this all important tool. Since it is a requirement/mitzvah to serve G-d with sincha (joy), this will help us do that, even though we don't "feel" so joyfull! Simcha also can mean calm. Thank you. Reply

sigal via November 26, 2005

Excelent wisdom, i always wanted somothing written to explain what does it mean, THE WORLD WAS CREATED ON WORDS, and finally you wrote the best explanation ever. thank you so much! Reply

Hasid RA LA, CA November 25, 2005

Thank you Thank you for sharing this beautiful information. Reply

Anonymous Tamarac, Fl. u.s.a. via November 24, 2005

Kabbalah Can you explain to me how it is that it is allowed that Kabbalah can be taught to non-jews as well as Jews when I've been given to understand that only the most learned rabbis were allowed to study it themselves and to none others. it is forbidden to pass the teachings on to the general populace since they would not be able to interperate its meaning. Reply

Miss Muslima london, england UK via November 24, 2005

inspiration, wonderful word's , they give inspiration and hope.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes, a few cruel words, can be more effective, even though they may hurt at the time. A short cut, so to speak.

Otherwise, pick your words carefully, and they will inspire...... Reply

Anonymous palembang, indonesia November 24, 2005

words's power that overflow from the mouth To Desk esq,

If you don't mind, I hope you show me any verse from holy scprit (thorah of Moses ) that support your writing in this massage.

Our habits, in Batak tribe, a gree with this explanations, because life like this, will give encouragement and peace to people's spirit.

Thank you-shalom, Reply

Sarah Israel November 23, 2005

Great article - very creative opening, and an important point neatly and impressively illustrated. Yashar koach. Reply

Emmanuel November 23, 2005

Inspiring article. Reply

esther jacobs morristown, nj November 20, 2005

Great way to start the day. A short but profound thought to ponder during the day thanks Reply

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