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The Caregiver’s ‘Ani Ma’amin’

The Caregiver’s ‘Ani Ma’amin’

This painting was created by Charna Brocha Perman, the author's daughter.
This painting was created by Charna Brocha Perman, the author's daughter.

A melody floats through the air,

it is the song of ‘Ani Maamin

I believe with complete faith,

in the coming of Moshiach (Messiah)

and although he may tarry,

nevertheless, I wait every day for him to come.

The song whirls its way into the ears of one precious soul, Leah.

Leah, who uses a wheelchair.

Leah, unable to respond with words.

Leah, whose loving husband stands by with tears in his eyes.

Leah’s caregiver is African-American.

She knows the Hebrew words of the song perfectly,

and she sings with emotion.

It is a moment that wraps itself around me.

This is Leah’s favorite song,

the tune haunting.

I recall the heartbreaking tale of the ‘Modzitzer Ani Maamin

composed by Rabbi Azriel David Fastag on the train to Treblinka,

ultimately making its way to the Modzitzer Rebbe in America.

And here: Leah, whose story I do not know

but whose song I hear.

It was theirs. It is hers, and mine.

This caregiver’s ‘Ani Maamin,

about our caregiver, G‑d in heaven.

I believe with complete faith in the coming of Moshiach.

May it be speedily in our day!

Chana holds a master’s degree in special education, and has been in the field of education for twenty-five years. Her cherished roles as Jewish woman, mother and Learning Strategies instructor provide inspiration and material for writing at every turn.‎ As a longtime volunteer with the Friendship Circle, Chana was recognized by the Ontario legislature for “bringing a smile to the faces of children with special needs.”
The Ruderman-Chabad Inclusion Initiative (RCII) is dedicated to building on the philosophy and mission of Chabad-Lubavitch by providing Chabad communities around the globe the education and resources they need to advance inclusion of people with disabilities. RCII engages Chabad’s network of human and educational resources to create a Culture of Inclusion so that all Jews feel welcomed, supported and valued throughout their entire lifecycle.
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Faigie Horowitz LAWRENCE February 29, 2016

How beautiful and profound!
Thank you Chana for once again sharing your feelings with such craft and skill! Reply