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How Do You Fight Evil?

How Do You Fight Evil?


For decades, the word was taboo. If you spoke it on the radio, they would blip it out. Only fundamentalist preachers, stirring the fear of the hell and damnation into their flock would use such a word in public. Or perhaps a vendor of perfumes, luring the darker side of its consumers.

But today, it's everywhere.

The word is 'evil'. As one commentator put it, on 9/11 the world had a moment of clarity. There, on the TV set, for all to see, was unadulterated, indismissible, raw evil. Moral relativism died at 2000º Fahrenheit.

But not so easy: Now that we're all allowed to use the word again, what is it?

Is it a real thing, with substance and power? Or is it no more than the absence of truth, a vacuum of reality, darkness, a negation of light? If it is real, then how could G‑d have allowed it in His world? But if it is only darkness, how is it possible for darkness to defy light?

No answer will satisfy us entirely. Evil is too close to us to see clearly; too painful to place a label upon. We feel that perhaps we are callously justifying the horrors that have befallen good people. Perhaps we are rationalizing G‑d -- and ourselves -- off the hook. But, on the other hand, without any grasp of what evil is, how can we be expected to fight it?

In Torah the metaphor for evil is darkness. No more than the absence of truth. A void of reality. Like darkness, Evil has no power of its own. From where, then, does it derive the power to cause so much pain in the world? Generally speaking, from us, from our fear of it. That we consider it a "something" worth negotiating.

With every spoonful of worry we foster it, with every glance of trepidation, every concession we make from our lives to acknowledge its threat -- until Evil rises brazenly to attack us with our own instruments.

This theme is repeated throughout the Torah. When the snake approached Eve, the sages explain, she wasn't ready to give it the time of day. In her world, the snake might as well not even existed. So the snake had to say, "Is it true you're not allowed to eat from any of the trees in the garden?" Of course the snake knew this was a lie. But this way, Eve took notice of it. The snake became someone worth answering. And therefore, empowered to make a mess.

Similarly, Moses. Moses began his career as liberator when he killed an Egyptian taskmaster who was beating a Jewish slave to death. When he discovered that his deed had become public knowledge, the Torah tells us that "Moses was afraid. And Pharaoh sought to have him killed. So he fled" First Moses was afraid. Only then did Pharaoh seek to have him killed. Without Moses' fear, Pharaoh had no power.

All the more reason why 9/11 was our moment of clarity: Because we saw this no longer as an idea, but clearly acted out, a metaphor in action.

These people who wish to bring us down in terror, do they have any power of their own? Do they have resources that can feed a populace? Ideas that can thrust them ahead of our progress? Do they attack us with missiles of their own device and engineering?

No. They have nothing of their own. They were empowered by us through the bizarre machinations of Cold War politics. They wield razor blades bought in our hardware stores, and with them they hijack airplanes we devised to better our standard of life. They strike fear in our hearts with powder stolen from our laboratories. Dust. Knowing full well they cannot infect a nation. But they can get us real scared. And for evil, that is already a victory. Because then, through our fear, evil has become real.

Knowing this is immensely useful. Once we have found evil's secret, we know how to deflate it. The strategy is almost identical, whether it be the evil that sweeps the globe or within your community, or that lies in the darker recesses of your own heart, waiting to terrorize you at any chance.

It is not a simple solution, because we have already nurtured evil to the point that it thrives and grows each day. At the beginning, Adam and Eve could have simply ignored it and it would have eventually dissolved into the sparks of G‑dly light they revealed in the Garden. But once Evil has been fed and lives out of its bag, it can never be dealt with so smoothly again.

Nevertheless, our major weapon against Evil is still our disregard for it. This is perhaps the Lubavitcher Rebbe's most common response to those who wrote asking for counsel to deal with the Evil in their daily lives -- whether it be anger, temptation, disturbing thoughts, bad dreams, over and over, the Rebbe writes, "do more good and remove your mind from the issue." Even in matters of health, the Rebbe advised, "Find a good doctor, who will be concerned with your problems. Then simply follow his instructions and remove your mind from the sickness."

On a global scale, Evil is not something to fear, much less negotiate with. That only gives it more power. Yes, there are times when you have no choice but to battle Evil -- as the Maccabees did against the Syrian-Greek oppressor. But stoop to conquer Evil and you will only join it in its mud. Against Evil, you must march to battle on the clouds. You must trample it while never looking down. On the contrary, while in battle against evil, you must find yourself reaching higher and higher.

That is why it is so important today for us to create more light. Even a little light pushes away a lot of darkness. For every shadow of darkness we have seen, we must produce megawatts of blinding light. Just as those possessed by evil did the wild and unreasonable, beyond that which the craziest doomsayer could have predicted, so, too, we must do kindness beyond reason.

In fact, this is the purpose of evil, why a G‑d who is entirely good devised evil to be in His world. Because evil forces us to reach deep inside, to find our inner strength, climbing ever higher, until reaching a brilliant, blinding light -- a light that leaves no crevice for darkness to hide.

Against that light, Evil melts in surrender, having fulfilled its purpose of being. For, in the beginning, darkness was made with a single intent: To squeeze out the inner light of the human soul. A light that knows no bounds.

Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, a senior editor at, also heads our Ask The Rabbi team. He is the author of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth. To subscribe to regular updates of Rabbi Freeman's writing, visit Freeman Files subscription. FaceBook @RabbiTzviFreeman Periscope @Tzvi_Freeman .
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Anonymous June 2, 2017

Fight evil... by naming it I don't disagree. However.... Jihad, the Jihad, is the penultimate belief and practice of Islam. They make up almost all the homicidal serial killers in our world today, and especially virtually the only theologically inspired, and commanded serial homidists in the world today.
So... I ask the rabbi, isn't it better to acknowledge this reality, as opposed to being a sweet person who rathionalizes and says' well not all muslims are terrorists', and simply accept that Jihad, commands all muslims to support the spearhead of Jihad, which is the 'small minority' that are commited to not merely submitting all infidels, and dhimmi's but to wipe out any rule of any religion other than Islam, across the globe?
I accept there are fine muslim people. But the Jihad is the Jihad and it must be wiped out, and scorned and named for what it is, for what it commands, and from whom it originates. Mohammed. Reply

Anonymous February 24, 2017

"Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." I am preparing for my own fight against the darkness in this world and the next, you touched me to my core. Thank you. Reply

Judy Fresno January 9, 2017

What's deep Web, red room, ghost hacker. How can people die through the internet? Reply

Anonymous January 8, 2017

Go to the deep web as a ghost hacker. Then accidentally stubble into a red room. Watch as innocent people are killed in various ways for the amusement of a paying audience. After wards, will you be able to speak of evil so lightly? How will you hold anything but hate and contempt for evil after wards? I am at a lost right now; I witnessed something yesterday, and now I pray that I could unsee it. Reply

Anonymous October 25, 2016

evil Look within yourself and you will find the battle between what is light and what is darkness. It is the paradox of human nature on the one hand to be capable of good and on the other hand to be capable of evil. We think the battle with evil is external to ourselves imbedded in the corrupt world we exist in. In fact the battle against evil is internal prompted by the flaws within our human nature and our lack of insight into what constitutes the deceptive consuming nature of evil. The environment we exist in is the catalyst for our expression of this evil. Beware of our thoughts then for from them extend all manner of evil actions and desires that lead down the path of destruction. Reply

Anonymous Philippines June 14, 2015

Beautifully Enlightening Just like the anonymous commenter from Ireland, I came upon this essay while searching for ways on how I can defeat human evil being committed by a person who used to be a part of my life. I am inspired and now, am committed not to give evil a chance to feed of my fears by completely disregarding it.

Honestly, I haven't gained much insight on why G-d allows evil and darkness until I chanced by this article. Thank you. Reply

samuel May 23, 2015

responding to battling evils stronghold. "Aren't we then compelled by G-d to bring evil acts of man to light? For it is, as you have said, only in darkness that these acts may flourish....If it is only in darkness that these acts may take hold and spread, isn't it our duty to G-d to stop them? What must we do? What must we risk to bring about justice and to end this evil in our midst? What must we do to protect the innocent from the evil that we know is preying on them?"

-we must live moral, righteous lives. The more successful we are at that, the more successful we are at demonstrating through our actions what is right, and they will know what the opposite of that is. Reply

Anonymous Grants Pass, OR May 12, 2015

battling evil's stronghold Aren't we then compelled by G-d to bring evil acts of man to light? For it is, as you have said, only in darkness that these acts may flourish....If it is only in darkness that these acts may take hold and spread, isn't it our duty to G-d to stop them? What must we do? What must we risk to bring about justice and to end this evil in our midst? What must we do to protect the innocent from the evil that we know is preying on them? Reply

Anonymous Ireland March 6, 2015

Evil I am grateful for this article. I feel I am in a battle against evil behaviour with someone who was in my life and I have tried to change it, fight it, stooped to try to take revenge on it, and nothing has worked. In fact I have only felt shame at times and realised that I am not working from the place I believe is in me and representative of me, a place of light and compassion and kindness. I think the way evil or evil behaviour triumphs is by changing who we are from decent people to people who as the article states go down into the mud and take on aspects of its being. I thoroughly agree that light and truth and rising above and being better, or a better person and trampling it from the clouds is the way to go. I found this article while looking for hope and some guidance as to how to deal with this person who has hurt me and others, and its a great comfort and very apt. The challenge is to rise above, not to let it feed off fears, and I find that hard as a human being. Reply

Aidan Lexington South Carolina January 13, 2015

I pray Reply

Charles Toronto April 13, 2014

Response: How Do You Fight Evil? You are wise. Great one.

I liked your article. You have to reform the mind. Yes. But we wise. Love love love you nab our as yourselves in truth. Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 26, 2012

Thanks, Elishe. You were right. I Googled "Totally free Jewish dating" and got lots of sites that are actually free. I'm in the process now of filling in forms. Like you said, there could be a beshert for me. Why should I close the door just because I once was married to Evil Incarnate? Reply

elishebabridgebuilder ocala, fl/usa February 22, 2012

Our biblical design.. for 120 I am middle aged. There are a few totally free sites. Do you think all men on those sites are what the world calls handsome ? There are regular people there. You just have to search through them finding someone you are comfortable with and then study him to see if he is a good man. Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 20, 2012

Eishe, you must be young. Keep that positive attitude! Thanks for your encouragement. I'm not such a great catch. Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 17, 2012

The singles sites cost money. The ones who say free are lying. It's only free to post your own picture and resume. If you want to contact people, you have to pay. Thank you, though. If there is a beshert out there for me, it will have to be G-d Himself to put us together. Reply

elishebabridgebuilder ocala, fl/usa February 16, 2012

to karen Joyce there are plenty of men who have baggage - everyone has baggage..go on the singles sites..there are Jewish men there..most of them want someone their own age...some are disabled also..HaShem is in the business of creation not destruction...He recycles everything including us - soil, manure, worms..turn into fruit & flowers Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell River, CA, USA February 15, 2012

Elishe, you have a bashert for me? You know someone who could stand an old lady with past baggage? Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 15, 2012

Elishe in Fl, unless G-d performs a miracle and sends me a bashert, like He performed a miracle in making Abraham's wife pregnant at an old age, this will not be happening in my lifetime. I have to accept my state of being alone and disabled, and realize it would be too hard for any man to be with me. Men my age and older want a younger, healthy and active woman to take care of them in their own old age. It is what it is. I am just blessed that G-d allowed me to live through this and move far away. Reply

elishebabridgebuilder ocala, fl February 12, 2012

to K J C F K B of CA Finding your real bashert might just heal everything Reply

Karen Joyce Chaya Fradle Kleinman Bell Riverside, CA, USA February 6, 2012

I fought evil by walking on eggshells When he was living with me. I finally got rid of the evil and stayed alive and kept my kids alive, also. People wonder why I didn't have my Evil put into jail. Simple. First, he'd have gotten out because he had such an exemplary work record and what he let people see was his quiet nature. Didn't smoke, drink or swear. Then, when he'd have gotten home, I'd have been actually killed for real. Secondly, if he was in jail, he couldn't pay child support. I needed his money. Period. So, I was soft spoken to him, careful not to aggravate his temper, lied when needed, and told him I'd forever be his friend no matter what. I never did remarry. Lots of fear there. Evil is still out there, lurking behind sheep's clothing. My eyes can't see it. So, better to just not engage in relationships. Mr. Evil is now too old to be of any concern, and can't drive out this far anyway because of bad eyesight. Thank Go-d for the aging process. Reply

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