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The View from Above

The View from Above


I turned in to Bograchov Street. Ahead of me I had to pass the skeleton of a new building under construction. The sidewalk was torn up, piles of sand covered the area, and there were pieces of wood and other debris scattered about. A short way up the street a large woman with curly blonde hair approached.

Then it happened. Suddenly, I felt a violent blow strike my head. I fell flat on the ground in front of the woman. A heavy eighteen foot wooden beam, plunging from the scaffold atop the five story-structure, hit me and sailed into the street as if thrown by a catapult.

All at once, I felt I was outside my body, floating upward about twelve to fifteen feet above the sidewalk, watching the scene below. I did not know how I left my body, or how I got up there. Everything happened so suddenly that I was caught completely by surprise. I saw the large woman bending over my body, trying to detect a sign of life in my motionless form. Then she started screaming for help.

This is my body, I thought, but I am not inside it. I am looking at it from above. How is this possible? With what eyes am I seeing this, and where are my ears? How could I be hearing all this noise in the street?

I was baffled. Obviously, I existed, I was real, I was conscious, but not inside my frame. I always thought that "I" and my body were identical. I did not know I was a being that was more than just a physical body.

A gradual change began to occur in my status of "observer". The events in the street began to fade away into darkness, and through this darkness, I perceived a glimmer of brightness. As the radiance came closer it grew in intensity, becoming a glorious, powerful light, radiating an abundant flow of exalted spirituality.

In harmony with this flow of illumination, the events in my life began to pass before my eyes. The images were three-dimensional, and I saw myself taking part in them. My entire life flashed by, from the day I was born until the very moment I fell to the ground.

The magnificent stream of light was accompanied by a flow of sublime love, the kind of love I had never before experienced. Faced with this overpowering love, I felt incapable of remaining an independent entity; I simply melted away. No words can describe the enchantment, the wonder, the incomparable, infinite goodness. I discerned in it qualities of compassion, spiritual pleasure, strength, happiness and beauty, all in infinite profusion.

I felt a powerful bond with this marvelous presence. This was the will of a higher Power, a Being of infinite might. I felt a strong pull to become part of this wonderful eternal flow.

The pull of the powerful love of the benevolent light was almost irresistible. I felt my willpower crumbling and melting away. Faced by this outpouring of goodness and love, I was losing my will to be a separate individual. It felt as though a loving mother embraced my individuality and pulled my "I" towards a state of perfect happiness, toward an elevated state of being that ensured everlasting sublime delight. I was filled with great compassion for my loved ones who would remain in this world, for my body, for the life I had wasted. A wave of pity swept over me.

I felt that this force of compassion brought me back into my body. Overcome with tenderness, with a boundless sense of compassion, I burst into tears. The woman bent over me, and grabbing my hand, she coaxed me to get back on my feet.

Excerpted from The View from Above by Rachel Noam
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Rachel Gordon Forest Hills, New York May 17, 2013

This is a very enlightening book! Reply

Yehudit olam hazeh, creation March 28, 2012

Good and evil: NDE's To Steve Katz: I'm fascinated with understanding the good/evil dilemma and NDE's, as well as psychosis and behavior. I've had experience with dreams, entities, shefa (abundance of Gd's love/light), the transparency of material existence, etc. I've concluded that the mind attracts/conjures 'good' and/or 'evil' depending on its focus- kavanah. There is a spectrum: Goodness is the surrender to Gd's Will. This is Shefa, the Light of boundless Love continuously bestowed upon Creation by the Creator. Evil is preoccupation with the contents of the mind and attracts entities with similar needs/interests. These entities dissolve when the thoughts dissolve. Surrendering everything to Gd's Will is a good way lovingly dispel the thoughts/entities. Gd's love is so great and incomprehensible that He allows us to fully explore what we want on this plane of existence. That is Tzimtzum. Any kabbalists care to agree or disagree? Reply

Steve Katz Melbourne, VIC/Australia November 28, 2010

NDEs I have had a few NDEs and I am not against Good being the only truth however there were evil spirits in my NDE that I didn't succumb to. so be aware of these so-called truths that profess there's no Devil for there is. Reply

someone September 15, 2009

I read the book. I really is amazing how she became religious and fought for IS chilling! Reply

Sarah Toronto, Canada December 28, 2008

The View From Above Mrs. Noam has written an entire book I believe...the background of her life gives one more of a vivid picture. This is truly amazing. Thank-you so much for sharing your story, it's chilling. Reply

margo July 23, 2008

love to feel loved is so important and when we know that G-d loves us it gives us so much comfort. He's not out to get us. He cares for us wants the best for us -- wants to share with us his infinite kindness and charity.

thanks for your inspiring story. Reply

Ari Edson thornhill, ont March 14, 2008

Something to think about at the table during the Shabbos meal. Reply

M.H. Miami, Florida March 11, 2008

outside of your body Mrs. Noam, could you tell us more? How was your life changed after you went back into your body? What improvements in your life were you able to affect? Which obstacles melted away in that glorious light? How was your perception of galus transformed? What advice could you give us on how we can bring the end of the galus more speedily, without each one of us needing to get "clunked in the head?" (although I often feel a "clunk" but without the spiritual high that accompanied yours)
Were you assured of G-d's boundless kindness, and the goodness of all He does? Just the thought of that is uplifting...(and quite secondarily, what happened to the lady with the curly blonde hair? Are you buddies now?) Reply

Anonymous Seattle, wa March 10, 2008

out of body experience I had the same experience twice in my life! I was affraid even to mention that to anybody, because I thought people would think I was crazy.

I really want to talk more about it! Reply

Yehudis Louisville, KY February 15, 2007

My privilege It was my privilege to meet in person and hear Mrs. Rachel Noam gently yet affirmatively bring forth the beauty of her life, and amazingly, her own (clinical) death. In her speech and manner, I felt her commitment to what she knows from her experience of love, light, power, happiness and compassion - and how Torah, chassidus, Shabbos and all the mitzvos can also bring me a measure of similar understanding in this world. Thank you, Mrs. Noam. Reply

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