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The Power of Language

The Power of Language


Words. The spoken language.

Words. The silent language.

Power within each letter.

Depth within every sound.

I have experienced the awesomeness of language, only through the brilliance of my son who is nonverbal.

Not a word.

Yet volumes are spoken, day and night.

Few sounds, unsynchronized.

Yet a symphony to my ears.

Chaim Boruch has taught me to listen.

To stop, slow down, look and see with my eyes, and speak with my heart.

The true power of language.

Our eyes lock knowingly.

Moist eyelashes blink between us, with unspoken words, beyond what words could describe.


Our very own language.

Our very own style of communication with love, laughter, acceptance and structure.

Structure of where mind meets heart, and gratitude meets faith.

Unlike the typical definition of the word “language.”


“The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.”

Life is all but typical.

Language is all but a method.

Living is all but structured.

And the power of humans is anything but conventional.


Truly a gift to cherish, a gift to guard, to honor, to love.

A gift, packaged with sensitivity, understanding, acceptance.

Wrapped with a ribbon of inclusiveness.

Tying together all which unites us, rather than divides us.

Every word, every sound, every sentence . . . every language.

The heartbeat of communication.

A rhythm of sound and sometimes silence.

Yet a gift of equal measure.

The Torah says, “Seyag LaChochmah Shtikah.” “A sign of wisdom is silence.”

How true, how valuable, how wise.

I whisper this beneath the yearnings of my heart.

A prayer for my child, a prayer for myself.

To hear the voice of the wise.

The sound of perfection within the vocal chords of a pure soul.

And I pray, beseech.

Find faith, find trust.

And live.

Live with the beauty and vast wonder of all that Hashem created and creates.

The power of language between my Creator and I.

And the power of miracles within the unspoken.

The unspoken power of language.

Chana is a proud wife and mother living in Mill Valley, California. She is inspired by the colors and textures of everyday life, and loves sharing her creative ideas with her community. Chana writes DIY projects, crafts and recipes celebrating her Jewish life and shlichus on her blog Chana’s Art Room, and is the co-director of Chabad of Mill Valley with her husband, Rabbi Hillel Scop. She also writes about a mother’s journey of raising a special-needs son on her other blog, Life of Blessing. She welcomes you to be a part of her creative and touching journey.
The Ruderman-Chabad Inclusion Initiative (RCII) is dedicated to building on the philosophy and mission of Chabad-Lubavitch by providing Chabad communities around the globe the education and resources they need to advance inclusion of people with disabilities. RCII engages Chabad’s network of human and educational resources to create a Culture of Inclusion so that all Jews feel welcomed, supported and valued throughout their entire lifecycle.
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Yitzchak Chaim January 22, 2016

What love of Gd that He writes the book of life but allows us to live it! Angels are envious of our intimate relationship with the most high. Thank you for sharing your experience. It has truly touched my heart. Reply

Jill Vialle Launceston January 19, 2016

This was most beautiful to read. My youngest son and I had a very similar connection I think. He was non verbal, a six year old with saddest history, whom we adopted. I always felt our 'love' connection, my eyes knowingly talking to his eyes. We've been doubly blessed now, as our son is starting to flourish. But I will always remember how him and I 'talked' with no words. Thank you Reply