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Names of Injured in Latest Wave of Terror

Names of Injured in Latest Wave of Terror


With attacks on Israel civilians taking place around the clock, Chabad Terror Victims Project in Israel has released names of people who have been injured in the latest wave of terror. Please recite Psalms and pray for their complete recovery and for the restoration of peace and security in the Holy Land.

Odel bat Miryam

Natan ben Odel

Moshe ben Orli

Meir Yitzchak ben Sara

Aharon Moshe Chaim ben Chaya Chana

Dvir ben Shoshana

Avraham ben Rut

Ron Shai bat Sigalit

Adi ben Rut

Niv ben Yardena

Moshe ben Daizy

Meor Efrayim ben Furtuna Daniela

Moshe ben Edgach

Liat bat Yael

Orel bat Limor

Yosef Chaim ben Zahava

Neor Shalev ben Rut Elisheva

Yom Tov Lipa ben Roiza

Yair ben Rozina

Samuel Ono ben Antonio

Shoshana bat Lulu

Moshe ben Bracha

Maya bat Ilana

Ron ben Chana

Adiv ben Furtuna Mazal

Daniel Chaim ben Revital

David ben Shoshana

Alon Chaim ben Rita Hacohen

Yehonatan Amiram ben Miryam

Pesach ben Rachel Miryam Haddasah

Yarden ben Orly

Mital Dikla bat Ninet

Gilad ben Meirav

Tahel bat Sigal

Sigal bat J'acklyn

Gal ben Neomi

Yaniv ben Chana

Yotam ben Pnina

David Shlomo ben Rachel

Nirit Chana Bat Nitzah

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