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Charity: an Anthology

Charity: an Anthology


Charity is an act of love, kindness and compassion. It is also a duty, a privilege, a right, an act of justice, a humbling experience (even more for the giver than for the recipient) and a badge of identity... Here are 40 articles, essays, and stories on the what, the why, and the how of tzedakah:

From the Sages:

The Child and the Slave

Six Hundred Dinars Minus Six

The Snake in the Wall

Maimonides' Eight Levels of Charity


The Myth of Charity
by Yanki Tauber

The Heresy of Kindness
by Tzvi Freeman

The One Dollar Life
by Yanki Tauber

The Czar's Rubles
by Tuvia Bolton

Pushkah Power
by Tzvi Freeman

Giving is the Easy Part
by Yanki Tauber

Who Needs Nudniks?
by Yanki Tauber

Don't Be Fair
by Yanki Tauber

In-Depth Essays:

The Cosmology of Giving
by Yaakov Brawer

The Lunar Files
by Tzvi Freeman

The Loving Friends
by Yaakov Brawer

by Yanki Tauber


The Mirror
by Chanah Zuber-Scharfstien

Love in a Heartbeat
by Blair Grubb

Letter to Anya
by Jay Litvin

The Miser's Slippers
by Shoshannah Brombacher

Israel Goy
by Menachem Brod

The Blanket
by Howard Schultz

Grace After Meals
by Wendy Dickstein

The Rusty Penny
by Tuvia Bolton

A Rebbe Goes Shopping
by Yrachmiel Tilles

The Extra Matzah
by Yisroel Susskind

The Cigarette Beggar
by Yanki Tauber

Forty-Three Rubles
by Herschel Finman

Popular Names
by Yrachmiel Tilles

The Unpopular Tzaddik
by Yrachmiel Tilles

The Holy Beggars of Sefad
by Chanah Besser

The Jewish ABC
by Tuvia Bolton

The Meeting
by Yanki Tauber

The Kol Nidrei Drunk
by Yanki Tauber

The Wheel of Life
by Shoshannah Brombacher

Hard to Swallow
by Yrachmiel Tilles

Road Work
by Chessed Halberstam


Jono's Lemonade Stand
a short film by Dovid Taub and Jonathan Goorvich

The Deed
a video presentation by Chabad of Toronto

Charity, the Priorities
an audio class by Nissan Dovid Dubov

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