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Jay Litvin Writes

Jay Litvin Writes


This Friday—Nissan 25 on the Jewish calendar—is Jay Litvin's yahrtzeit, the day that marks the anniversary of his passing in 2004 after a valiant four-year battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Between 1999 and 2004, Jay wrote dozens of articles for Read any one of those articles, and you feel as if Jay just sat with you for hours and shared something of his innermost self with you. Jay wrote about his spiritual struggles, his faith and trust in G‑d, his love of life and fears for the future, his battle with his illness — with a courage, integrity and wisdom that made reading a Jay Litvin article a life-altering experience for so many of us.

Here they are, all sixty-seven of them. (Don't be greedy, though—this stuff is best taken in small doses.)

At the end, we added some things written by friends and readers in the days following Jay's passing last year. We invite you to add your own thoughts and feelings by clicking here.

On Illness, Wellness and Life:

From Under the Covers
Sitting in a Cafe
A Space for Him to Fill
Are We Disposable?
As I Sit in Darkness
You Warned Me
Just Let Go
Shutters and Blinds
The Life I Have
Blood Rush
My Body and Me

Parenthood & Parenting:

The View From My Child's Window
It Is His Turn
I Can Show You the Pictures
How a Stupid Little Ruler Saved My Life
Two Plus Two is Five
Advice to an Expectant Mother
Language of the Soul
The Same Journey
My Favorite Kind of Night
Listening to Our Children
Keep Your Word
School Conferences

The Language of Love:

The Benefits of Being Stupid When You're Old
Letter to Anya
Uncle Irv
Nuts, Raisins and Self-Deception
A Friend's Divorce
Ramblings About Stress and Love
To Fill The Now With Love

Terror & Courage:

The Sacred and the Good
War Dreams
Esther's Smile
Sad Days in Israel
Life After Terror
The Children of Terror

Along the Way:

Spiritual Warrior
Dancing With the Torah
Two Rabbis Came to the Door
The Ache in My Heart
Sorrow's Song
Be Free
I Am a Soul
When G‑d Blinks
Crimson Mist
A Different Kind of Darkness


A Hidden Angel by Ora Cohen
When One Jew does a Kindness for Another by Sara Esther Crispe
My Friend, My Teacher by Yanki Tauber
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