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Why Do Jews Always Get Noticed?

Why Do Jews Always Get Noticed?



Why do the Jewish people seem to loom so large on the world stage? The numbers don't add up. Here's a nation that comprises less than 0.2% of the world's population, yet we command so much attention you'd think there were billions of us. That's like a room of two thousand people, with one puny guy sitting in the corner whom everyone wants to talk to (or pick on)!


Jews do strange things sometimes. One example is the widespread practice of "credit combing."

Many Jews have a habit of combing through the credits at the end of a movie, searching for Jewish names. At each discovery they beam with pride: Look! Assistant Gaffer.......Mo Goldstein! Catering Consultant........Beth Cohen!

This odd practice comes from a very deep place in the Jewish psyche. Jews share a spiritual bond with each other. When we meet Jews anywhere in the world, there is an immediate connection, a kinship, a sense of oneness. We are like one big family.

When Jews are in the news, we take it personally. When Israel is under attack, we feel the pain wherever we are. When a Jew wins a bronze medal in croquet, we all share the victory. And when we see a Jewish name in the movie credits, we get excited.

Maybe other nations do this too. But I don't think so. This profound sense of connection makes the Jewish nation unique among the peoples of the world.

This is the reason why statistics cannot apply to the Jewish people. No Jew is merely an individual. We are a collective soul, a part of something bigger than ourselves. We may be a tiny blip on the census, but we don't function according to normal demographic principles. Our strength is not measured by our numbers, but by our unity.

The destiny of the Jewish people is to be a strong voice of goodness and morality among the family of nations. When we unite with our community and commit ourselves to the shared vision of our people, then we are a formidable presence. Not because we are one billion, but because we are one.

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Andee Goldman Israel May 3, 2015

stop the hate As Jews, we are hated. No matter what we do, groups find fault. How do we stop the hate and educate those who blind to the problem?
Jews are passionate and caring people, but many want to destroy us.
Maybe, faith and trust in G-d is our answer? Reply

Charles Richard Bush Laurens, SC October 7, 2017
in response to Andee Goldman:

I have never understood the big deal other people make about Jewish people. I was not raised Jewish, but rather Christian, which i know no other way from birth. I love the idea of diversity in all people. No one has the right to throw stones at the other.. When you get right down to it, we are all human and are all a mixed bag of something, whether anyone wants to fully admit that or not. i know I have some German,some Cherokee,and who knows what else in me and I am just now learning of other parts of my geneology. Iembrace all parts that make up me as an individual, as should we all. We should love and embrace each other, instead of looking for more ways to distance ourselves, now even more than ever.... I know I am rambling, so here is my point to all this. Be proud of who you are, love your fellow man,and find ways to agree and love each other. Reply

Yefuneh Des Moines April 24, 2015

"Not because we are one billion... ...but because we are one."

Good article. Reply

Steve Morris Los Angeles April 23, 2015

Credit Combing Yes to "credit combing". But I also do it in case I know somebody. Happens very, very, rarely, but it has happened. Reply

chaya philly April 23, 2015

so true. this is exactly how i proud to be jewish and have two beautiful, intelligent jewish children. Reply

Anne Florida April 23, 2015

Exactly what I have been doing, even before I converted to Judaism. Driving my mother crazy, saying hey Mum did you know so and so is Jewish. When I discovered that the founder of my favourite department store Marks & Spencer was founded by Michael Marks, a Polish Jewish immigrant, I cried. We are all one big family. Reply

yochanan April 23, 2015

so many call themselves jews and arn't.

interesting Reply

Anonymous April 23, 2015

Maths 0.2% of 2000 is 4
It's more like we are one in 500, not 2000
In a room of 500, approx 155 would be Christian, 115 Muslim, 80 Indians, 30 Buddhists, 60 Atheists, 59 other religions, 1 Jew. Reply

Mary Lofgren April 23, 2015

Because God told Abraham,"in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed." As a Mormon, I stand with Israel! Reply

Nicolle Simon Rolling Meadows April 22, 2015

Oh, THANK YOU...THANK YOU... Dear Rabbi,
You have spared my friends from taking up a collection to send me to therapy for my Super Jew syndrom...I am the Jew that you describe in this wonderful article. You explained myself to me. A valuable insight into the Jewish psyche...I hope this same "syndrome" continues throughout all our future generations. Amen.

Joshua Aaron April 22, 2015

I admit I do that, the credit combing thing. :O)

And I like to boast to my non-Jewish friends whenever I read about a successful Jew! Reply

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