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Omer Counter

Omer Counter

Get reminders to count the omer, daily meditations and more



Daily Omer Count Reminders

Automatic Omer Count Log

Keep Track of When to Count

Daily Omer Meditation

Blessings in Hebrew & English

Omer Prayer Trainer

Omer Quick Guide

Omer Insights

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Esther Portugal April 21, 2017

Thanks from my heart. Reply

David Schiffer Sandefjord April 20, 2017

I wish there was one for windows phone. Consider using Universal App development with Visual studio to create apps that run on all platforms (IOS, Android and Windows phone) with the same code base. They also work with Windows desktop and Holoband. Reply

Chanoch North Port April 19, 2017

Amazing! Thank you so much! Reply

Maria April 19, 2017

Looks great. Thank a lot. Do you have it for PC? Reply

Anonymous CO April 16, 2017

I was looking forward to the new experience of the omer counting. I downloaded the app on my Kindle Fire HD and it does not work. I am disappointed that I cannot use this method as it seemed it was possible to learn much through the app. (There are numerous comments on the Amazon website indicating that the app doesn't function on Kindle devices despite being available for download.)
Is there a way to make the app work on Kindle?
Thank you for creating the app I hope to be able to use it next year Reply

Anonymous April 14, 2017

This app is amazing! Thank you so much! Blessed to have y'all! Reply

Anonymous Westchester, NY June 2, 2016

Previous comment. I had waited 40 minutes for the app to load. So I deleted the app and reinstalled. Now it works fine. Reply

Anonymous Westchester, NY June 2, 2016

Just downloaded the newest version on my iPhone 5s. I can't get the app to start. I tried several times even powering off the phone. Now I have been very patient it's now been 40minutes stuck on the updating location screen. The app is unusable. Reply Staff via March 1, 2016

To Anonymous The Omer app resets automatically, no need to remove and reinstall. Reply

Anonymous Philadelphia February 29, 2016

Delete Do we need to delete the app from last year and re download it for this year, or will the app completely reset for this year? (Reset so that the days that we haven't yet counted won't still say that we have already counted them) Reply

Rochel Chein for May 11, 2015

Shabbat The Omer app should not be used on Shabbat. You can use a prayerbook to count on Shabbat, or print the count before Shabbat at After Shabbat ends, the app will ask you if you missed the previous day(s) or if you want to mark that you counted. Reply

Anonymous May 7, 2015

One problem about being on electronic device is Shabbat I should have mentioned it the first Shabbat when to keep up with the count so I could continue saying the prayer, I had to turn it on quickly erev Shabbat. Other se, I was afraid if I waited until after Havdallah, it would say I had missed a day. Still not keeping Shabbat completely, I snuck in just to count the Omer and click on having done it. So, is there something that would recognize that it is Shabbat and allow us to at least mark that we counted during erev Shabbat Maariv. I had tried to count before Shabbat, but it was still on the previous day as it wasn't nighttime yet. Besides the size of the print which is fabulous now and being about to hold phone in landscape mode, I love the app. Just how do we show we counted on erev Shabbat? Reply App Team May 3, 2015

Editor Thanks for all your feedback.

A new version of the app is now available that had many exciting new features, including the ability to enlarge the text by holding the phone in landscape mode. Reply App Team May 3, 2015

Editor Thanks for all your feedback.

A new version of the app is now available that had many exciting new features, including the ability to enlarge the text by holding the phone in landscape mode. Reply

Anonymous California May 1, 2015

Font size I am glad that I am not the only one having a problem with the font/text size used for the actual counting on the main page. Reply

Mark Newman Great Neck, NY April 26, 2015

Wording of the Omer Count is Way Too Small The Omer Counter app is 99.99% perfect. The one and only problem is the single most important aspect of the entire app. The actual wording in Hebrew of the counting of the Omer is way too small! You need a magnifying glass to read the daily count. It's crazy! Why would the app designer make everything readable except the actual count? Fix that and you have perfect app. Reply

pan d'ora truth or consequences new mexico and windsor uk and tel aviv... lots of locations April 20, 2015

Please please add windows 8.1 cellphone app still during this Omer if possible... It will be so appreciated
Toda and I wish everyone a beautiful week of tikkun correction in tifferet, elevating our souls and cleansing and purifying day by day to receive Torah after our 49 day journey Reply

anon brooklyn April 19, 2015

How to add to blackberry PLease advise how to add to blackberry! Reply

David in Pikesville Baltimore MD April 13, 2015

Thank you for a Great App!!
1. I've counted, logged that I've counted, seen all the checks in all the right boxes; but the iPhone5c app still gives me the countdown and now tells me "no blessing, why" for the last two days after I've done the mitzvot on time with the blessing?
2. Sometimes the Sefard switch flips off and won't offer any Sefard option.
Great app for us!! Thank you very much!! Reply

gedalya cohen April 12, 2015

loooks nice Reply