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Why We Have Children

Why We Have Children


At a certain point in our lives we begin to understand that though we may have chosen to bring children into the world, this was not a "choice" we made—at least not in the conventional sense of the word.

We begin to realize that though we may have become parents because we wanted to, we could not have wanted otherwise. That something very deep and true inside us compelled us. Though it would be wrong to say we were "compelled", since the compelling force was none other than our deepest self.

Having children is an act of faith. Faith that the world is going somewhere good. Faith that in our children's lifetimes it will be a better place than it is now. How do we know this, when there's so much evidence to the contrary? We just do.

Having children is an act of trust. Trust in He who creates and sustains the world anew each moment of time, that He will provide what is needed to sustain one more partner to His grand plan. Who could have a child if they first had to prove that they could "afford" it? If parenthood required a license, like for operating a motor vehicle or practicing law, who would pass the test? Yet somehow we know that if we bring a child into the world, G‑d will provide the resources to nourish them body and soul. As He did for our parents, who were perhaps no worse, but most likely no better, equipped for the task than we.

And having children is the ultimate self-assertion. It says: I am, and I shall continue to be. Forever.

By Yanki Tauber; based on the teachings of the Rebbe.
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Judy Resnick Far Rockaway, NY January 6, 2010

Being There was a very well-known rabbi, famous for having both Torah wisdom and tons of practical good sense, who once said, "If you wait to have children until you're ready, you'll be 95!" Reply

shell January 5, 2010

indeed! i humbly feel on earth...children... are our inheritance... the part of us that will live for as long as our children have children! thanks be to G-d ... altho sometimes... we have to acknowledge that their reflection of our parenting skillls can be a bit fearsome we always have prayer and meditation to give our ultimate Heavenly Father i feel the inclusion and respect, honoring Him also... as our and their life long Parent... shalom, Reply

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