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The Blind Scholar

The Blind Scholar


Rebbi and Rabbi Chiya were walking together. When they came to a town, they said, “If there’s a Torah scholar living here, let’s go visit him and pay him honor.”

The townspeople said to them, “There is a Torah scholar here, and he’s blind.”

Rabbi Chiya said to Rebbi, “You wait here. As a leader of the Jewish people, it’s not fitting for you to go honor someone else. I will go to see him.” But Rebbi insisted on coming as well.

When they were departing from the blind sage, he told them, “You have seen one who can be seen but who cannot see; may you merit to see He who sees but cannot be seen.”

Said Rebbi to Rabbi Chiya, “And you wanted to deprive me of this blessing?!”

Babylonian Talmud, Chagigah 5b
Translated by Esther Rabi.
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