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What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Teeth Are Falling Out?

What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Teeth Are Falling Out?



Do you interpret dreams? As a kid, I was told that dreaming about losing your teeth is a bad sign. I have had such dreams a few times, and when I wake up, I feel worried. Is it true, and do we have to take dreams seriously?


It is true that dreams have meanings, but interestingly, those meanings are fluid. Let me explain . . .

The Talmud relates that the sage Rava once dreamed that his teeth were falling out. He went to Bar Hedya, a professional dream interpreter, to find out its meaning. The interpreter told him that his sons and daughters would die (and he would lose his appetite in his sorrow, and therefore not use his teeth).

The interesting thing is that this anecdote is presented in the context of a longer saga in which Rava and his colleague Abaye would consistently dream similar dreams and go to Bar Hedya for interpretations. Bar Hedya gave Abaye favorable interpretations each time, while Rava consistently received gloomy predictions.

Why the discrepancy? The rabbi who received the positive interpretation was paying Bar Hedya, while the other was not. The weird thing was, the interpretations came true.

The way you interpret a dream can actually have an effect on its realization. The dream itself could go either way: If you say it's bad, it will be. If you label it as a good dream, then that's what will come about.

In fact, the great mystic Rabbi Yoel Baal Shem taught that teeth falling out can be seen as a wonderful dream: Teeth are what we use to grind our food, so we can digest it. They represent the daily grind, the toil and effort we spend on making a living. Teeth falling out in your dream means that you will escape the grind, your income will come easily to you, you will not need to grind hard to eat.

So ultimately, even a dream with a negative connotation can be positive if you interpret it as such.

Talmud Berachot 56a, Shulchan Hatahor Komarna
Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
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Fred Ontario April 29, 2017

I have had this dream many time ,sometimes it's me pushing my teeth out with my tongue like you do with a loose tooth. I recall reading somewhere that it meant that money would always be hard to come by and I would never know great wealth..... Reply

Daniel March 12, 2017

Huh, fascinating That was interesting. I once had a dream my teeth fell out after I was chased by a monster over rooftops. Money has never been easy for me, always hard to find jobs, and yet I am able to find a place to be. Demeaning? Yup. Reply

Dave Meyers PLeasant Prairie via January 31, 2017

One theme I have seen connected with people's dreams of losing teeth is frustration at not having enough impact in their lives at the time of the dream. The challenge of the dreamer is to identify the situations and relationships in which they feel they have little impact or even powerlessness. If this is done, and a person gains awareness of the situations and their emotions, I would expect that they may be able to problem solve and effect some change in their lives. I would also expect the dream themes and symbols to evolve. Reply

Anonymous La January 2, 2017

I dream that my teeth will fall out?? Reply

Anonymous Phoenix June 28, 2016

My mother had dreams that were premonitions, not all her dreams were.
She knew, because the were repetitive and she felt very strongly that something was going to happen. One time she dreamed that she lost one very old molar that had a bridge, it happened later that her mother in law very old by then died. In another occasion, she dreamed that her two front teeth fell. Then all her teeth from both sides started to shake and she was in great distress. Her father that had been very sick for 9 months died, as we all expected, then two weeks later my mother husband (my father) died unexpectedly. That was the worse time in her life and the sorrow, was very overwhelming.
We never found anyone that knew, what her dreams that had meaning were. Of course most of her dreams were normal dreams, and didn't gave her the feeling of meaning anything. Reply

Anonymous South Africa June 12, 2016

loosing teeth dreams I had these dreams of loosing my teeth in 2015 quite a few times and it always had me worried after waking up. I lost my husband very tragically end 2015, and since his death those dreams stopped. I believe that dream had a meaning to it Reply

Tiffany Mo February 27, 2016

I had a dream a few times where my teeth fall out I had that dream recently and had it 3 times within a week. And maybe this is a coincidence maybe not but soon after those dreams I lose my job. Haven't had a dream anymore about my teeth falling out since I lost my job Reply

TRUTH SEEKER via September 17, 2015

Losing Teeth Dream I was told that when we have that dream, it's because we are "going through" or "about to enter" a period of change. Much like a child who loses their baby teeth for adult teeth, it is taken as a symbol of change or growth. Reply

Evie Scottsdale September 2, 2015

I had it too. But also during half my life, still now I always dream I can fall down and nothing happens to me.Also I can always fly and escape of danger. Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2015

What I have learned is that there is a difference between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. After I learned how remember my dreams, (haven't you had a dream that seems funny or startling and you want to remember it, but after you fully awake you can't recall it?) I let my dreams tell me in symbols about things I might I might need to deal with or maybe about unfinished issues I need to deal with. My initial impression was is there something you feel you might be loosing? I know, not very religious, maybe it can be useful. Reply

Lisa Providence, RI February 6, 2015

Scary Dreams I've had all kinds of bizarre dreams, and yes, that includes losing all my teeth!

Dreams send messages that aren't always clear, but I believe in listening to them. Reply

Anonymous February 5, 2015

Messages to yourself As well as acting as a warning system and helping us to find resolutions to problems dreams can help us make connections between all the bits of information that we gather every day as well as help us reflect on our own behaviours and feelings. All our dreams have something to do with what is going on in our lives at the particular time of each dream. It's often helpful to think about the broad themes that might be represented by the symbolisim in a dream and then see if we can identify this particular theme in our lives at the moement. Teeth falling out can relate to the themes of loss, fear and shame so it could also be that someone feels worried or fearful about something. With a little thought the dreamer should be able to connect the dots. Reply

christopher michael sesay Sierraleone February 5, 2015

I have changed my perception on hearing the interpretation,before I thought such is deams are bad . Reply

PRP Prague February 5, 2015

Dreams of teeth falling out Teeth are also a bit like a fence around our tongues -- the source from which our words emanate. The loss of teeth in a dream can also mean that the dreamer lacks circumspection with his/her words, which are loose and falling out of the mouth. It can be, but need not necessarily be anything serious, perhaps a bit of loose talk, gossip or an unkind word to one's neighbor. Reply

Karen February 4, 2015

teeth dream Thank you for this article; I too have had that dream... more than a couple of times. Reply

Tzippi Moss Jerusalem February 4, 2015

Another interpretation Aaron- my last name is Moss as well and I used to teach dream workshops. For years I had these dreams on and off and was puzzled until I realized that it was connected to times that earlier that day I had spoken roughly or badly to someone. In a sense, my rotten language was sullying my mouth, my teeth and causing damage not just to others, but to me. That dream definitely got me to wake up and clean up my act! Reply

Hanan USA February 4, 2015

we can continue this story with what happens to Bar Hedya and the Roman Guard of The Caesars wardrobe. Reply

Anonymous February 4, 2015

Freud's interpretation of this dream was that it related to masturbation, because of the similarity in German between masturbate and to fall out. Obviously, he was not considering that this did not apply in other languages. This dream, though, is usually related to anxiety, possibly about loss. Reply

Alan Harmony Willow Bunch February 4, 2015

Interpretation Losing teeth is a symbol for losing family members. Look at the analogies in the rest of the dream to figure out who and what the circumstances are. There is often some indication when or where too. Losing them isn't a foregone conclusion. You can act against losing them. Reply

KOhayon LA February 2, 2015

had this dream This is a great post. I coincidentally (or maybe not) had this same dream two nights ago and had the same question. Reply

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