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Transliteration of The Shema

Transliteration of The Shema


Cover your eyes with your right hand and say:
Sh'ma Yis-ra-eil, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, A-do-nai E-chad.

Ba-ruch sheim k'vod mal-chu-to l'o-lam va-ed.

Listen to the recitation of Shema

V'a-hav-ta eit A-do-nai E-lo-he-cha,
B'chawl l'va-v'cha,
u-v'chawl naf-sh'cha,
u-v'chawl m'o-de-cha.
V'ha-yu ha-d'va-rim ha-ei-leh,
A-sher a-no-chi m'tsa-v'cha ha-yom, al l'va-ve-cha.
V'shi-nan-tam l'-va-ne-cha, v'di-bar-ta bam
b'shiv-t'cha b'vei-te-cha,
uv-lech-t'cha va-de-rech,
u-v'shawch-b'cha uv-ku-me-cha.
Uk-shar-tam l'ot al ya-de-cha,
v'ha-yu l'to-ta-fot bein ei-ne-cha.
Uch-tav-tam, al m'zu-zot bei-te-cha, u-vish-a-re-cha.

Listen to the recitation of V'ahavta

V'ha-ya, im sha-mo-a tish-m'u el mits-vo-tai
a-sher a-no-chi m'tsa-veh et-chem ha-yom
l'a-ha-va et A-do-nai E-lo-hei-chem
ul-awv-do b'chawl l'vav-chem, u-v'chawl naf-sh'chem,
V'na-ta-ti m'tar ar-ts'chem b'i-to, yo-reh u-mal-kosh,
v'a-saf-ta d'ga-ne-cha,
v'ti-ro-sh'cha v'yits-ha-re-cha.
V'na-ta-ti ei-sev b'sa-d'cha liv-hem-te-cha,
v'a-chal-ta v'sa-va-'ta.
Hi-sha-m'ru la-chem pen yif-te l'vav-chem, v'sar-tem,
va-a-vad-tem E-lo-him a-chei-rim, v'hish-ta-cha-vi-tem la-hem.
V'cha-rah af A-do-nai ba-chem, v'a-tsar et ha-sha-ma-yim,
v'lo yi-h'yeh ma-tar, v'ha-a-da-ma lo ti-tein et y'vu-la,
va-a-vad-tem m'hei-ra mei-al ha-a-rets ha-to-va
a-sher A-do-nai no-tein la-chem.
V'sam-tem et d'vara ei-leh, al l'vav-chem v'al naf-sh'chem,
uk-shar-tem o-tam l'ot al yed-chem,
v'ha-yu l'to-ta-fot bein ei-nei-chem.
V'li-mad-tem o-tam et b'nei-chem, l'da-beir bam
b'shiv-t'cha b'vei-te-cha, uv-lech-t'cha va-de-rech
u-v'shawch-b'cha uv-ku-me-cha.
Uch-tav-tam, al m'zu-zot bei-te-cha, u-vish-a-re-cha.
L'ma-an yir-bu y'mei-chem, vi-mei v'nei-chem, al ha-a-da-ma
a-sher nish-ba A-do-nai la-a-vo-tei-chem, la-teit la-hem
ki-mei ha-sha-ma-yim al ha-a-rets.

Listen to the recitation of V'haya

Va-yo-meir A-do-nai el Mo-she lei-mor:
Da-beir el b'nei Yis-ra-eil, v'a-mar-ta a-lei-hem
v'a-su la-hem tsi-tsit, al kan-fei vig-dei-hem l'do-ro-tam,
v'na-t'nu al tsi-tsit ha-ka-naf p'til t'chei-let.
V'ha-ya la-chem l'tsi-tsit, ur-i-tem o-to
uz-char-tem et kawl mits-vot A-do-nai, va-a-si-tem o-tam,
v'lo ta-tu-ru a-cha-rei l'vav-chem,
v'a-cha-rei ei-nei-chem
a-sher a-tem zo-nim a-cha-rei-hem,
L'ma-an tiz-k'ru, va-a-si-tem et kawl mits-vo-tai
vi-h'yi-tem k'do-shim lei-lo-hei-chem.
A-ni A-do-nai E-lo-hei-chem,
a-sher ho-tsei-ti et-chem mei-e-rets Mits-ra-yim
li-h'yot la-chem lei-lo-him;
A-ni A-do-nai E-lo-hei-chem… Emet

Listen to the recitation of Vayomer

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Linda November 27, 2017

If women are not time bound by the Shema when is the latest a woman can recite the morning Shema? Reply

Rochel Chein for November 30, 2017
in response to Linda:

Women can recite the Shema at anytime, but the blessings preceding the Shema should be recited before the first third of the day (and if this is not possible, until midday, according to some opinions.) After this point, the Shema should be recited without the blessings. Reply

Linda January 2, 2018
in response to Rochel Chein for

Thank you very much! Reply

Sophia T. New York June 15, 2017

Do you have to say it right before you go to sleep, or can you stay up? Reply

ben lisbon August 16, 2017
in response to Sophia T.:

"good unanswered question". Reply

Phope San Diego November 22, 2017
in response to ben:

I think it's best to do it just before bed, having it be the last thing on your mind or that you listened to and agreeed with. However, if waiting for last min. Means you might miss doing it altogether (like you might fall asleep while doing something else), then just do it when it works best for you Reply

Sophia T. New York June 15, 2017

Do you cover your eyes the entire time? Reply

Peiper N.Y. October 3, 2017
in response to Sophia T.:

Only when saying the first line Reply

Joseph Stahl Teague, Texas April 1, 2017

Shabbat shalom! Twice each day, does this include Shabbat and all holy days? Reply Staff April 5, 2017
in response to Joseph Stahl:

Yes, every day. Reply

Joseph Stahl April 7, 2017
in response to Staff:

thank you Reply

Anonymous Santa Monica, CA March 31, 2017

It was a nice aid, but I didn't get the whole Shema why? Reply Staff March 31, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Hi Anonymous the entire Shema is listed above both in text as well in audio. Which parts do you feel are missing? Reply

Phope San Diego November 22, 2017
in response to Staff:

Nothing seems to be missing and I personally, am grateful for it! Very helpful! Reply

ROMAN Port St Lucie October 28, 2016

Thaks you. I use this 2x per day Reply

Constance Petro Pasadena October 19, 2016

Thank you for the audio- I am in conversion- much learning. Hearing the Hebrew is very helpful as I pray - Shalom Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for July 29, 2016

To Simon If one is wearing a tallit while reciting the Shema, he holds the fringes (the tzitzit) in his hand and kisses them at four points. Reply

Simon Usa July 28, 2016

Will someone explain the kissing sound after tsi tsit and at the end? Reply

charles Ghana July 19, 2016

I am really lost here can someone please help me as to how to recite the shema prayer? Reply

Anonymous Belgrade, Serbia July 15, 2015

Thank you so much Making these audio recordings was great help, even though I can read Hebrew and follow the transliteration.

It also gives the right rhythm for the prayer. I can hear the metronome in the background. What a great idea !!!

Is it possible to post an mp3 file that can be downloaded. Sometimes I don't have internet access, but I would still like to have this great aid with me. Reply

Nachum Brooklyn June 3, 2015

Great Mitzvah I play these audio and repeat when I say my shema. G'd bless...thank you so much for this. Very helpful Reply

Anonymous Arizona May 24, 2015

Thank You Reply

matti Michigan April 7, 2015

What happened to the audio for this translation? the audio was very helpful. Reply

Eli Kogan August 4, 2014

You can find the Russian transliteration here: Reply

Anonymous July 28, 2014

G-d bless Israel! Reply

Anonymous July 23, 2014

can u do it in russian Reply

Anonymous USA April 25, 2014

I am so proud . I learned this because of your posting . What a mitzvah !!!!! Thank you For helping me get closer and connect have helped me grow into whom I will be . Reply

Nathan Brasil May 25, 2013

great! G'd!!! This is great! I was searching for this sing-form of the Shema quite days, and finally I get it! Thanks for sharing.
The melody is so beautiful. My eyes even tear dropped.
I'll sing the Shema in this way all the days of my life!
Baruch Hashem and Shalom Aleichem, from Brazil. Reply

Citrine US April 9, 2013

Thank you, Menachem Posner Your clarification is very helpful! Reply

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