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A thorough elucidation of the Jewish laws and customs relating to death and mourning, from the moment of death to post-mourning practices and procedures.

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

Initial Care of the Deceased, Preparation of the Remains, Dressing the Body, Autopsy and Embalming , The Casket,Timing the Funeral Service, Between Death and Interment, The Night Before the Funeral Service
The Rending, The Funeral Service, The Memorial Prayer, The Eulogy, Escorting the Deceased to the Cemetery, The Interment, The Burial Service, The Processional, The Burial, The Kaddish
Counting the Twelve Months, The Kaddish and its Observances, When Kaddish Is Said at Services, Posture of Kaddish Recitation, When Mourner Cannot Attend Services, Joyous Occasions During Mourning
The Monument, Grave Visitations and Prayers, The Unveiling, Yizkor: Recalling the Dead, Yahrzeit: Memorial Anniversary
Life After Death, The Concept of Immortality The Messiah, Resurrection: A Symbolic Idea, G-d Is Just, The Meaning of Death
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