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Sighting Moshiach

Sighting Moshiach



Is it true that the Moshiach shall suddenly appear on a main street in Jerusalem, a poor old man with a wild but angelic look, spewing forth wisdom and declaring the time of redemption has arrived? If so, why will they not lock him up?

Is it true that he shall be announced on all the media worldwide at 6 pm, along with offers for free El Al tickets? If so, who will finance this?

Is there truth to that which they say, that in those enlightened days there will be only study of Torah and no more reckless fun? Is it true that the entire order of nature will change suddenly as the Anointed One appears?


Yes, definitely a case for pity. No (aside from the media announcements)--it's not anything like what you describe.

The arrival of Moshiach and the accompanying turnabout in the World Order, is a very pragmatic ideal. In fact, much of it has happened already.

Of course, as Maimonides puts it, nobody really knows exactly what's going to happen--The Almighty-Master-Of-All-Plans-To-Whom-All-Is-Revealed is really concerned about the suspense factor here. But allow me to let you in on a few of the key details, as I humbly understand them:

1. The first thing Moshiach does is do away with bad marketing. That's the true villain that has held us back all these years. Ask any consumer electronics or computer engineer. We could all own household robots to do our work. We could be consuming less than 10% of the natural resources we consume now--if it weren't for those nefarious busy bodies who market quantity rather than quality. Given the true needs of most people and the productivity possible with modern technology, we should all be working an average of 2.5 hours a week. What's responsible for the other 60+ hours? Bad Marketing.

Moshiach's marketing people will get people's minds back on the right track. Thinking about real quality of life. About their relationship with the earth and with their bodies and their souls and the people around them. Once that's done, just about everything else we need to create paradise is here already.

2. The people will come up with a real wise individual and make him their mentor and leader--not the other way around like in the fairy tales. As you put it yourselves: how else can he avoid being locked up? This is stated clearly in numerous sources, for example, "They will search out David their king...", "They will make for themselves a king and rise out of the land". It just seems pretty obvious that it's the people who make the leader -- a self-declared leader is little more than just another nut-case.

Even the Kabbalists agree that Moshiach isn't planning on a sudden appearance. Rather, the people will slowly wake up to the fact that he's already here. Just not in places people generally look.

3. The arrival of Moshiach is not much of a greater miracle than the sudden fall of the communist dictatorship. True, there will be a couple of big Signs-and-Wonders-scenarios--some that'll make the Ten Plagues and the Crossing of the Red Sea look like kid's play. Like, how about the splitting of the Euphrates, for one? But, who says glitz makes a miracle? Personally, I think Moses would have been pretty impressed by the kind of miracles that happened in Eastern Europe and on the Internet over the last few years.

Fact is, nature itself is supernatural. Just that we're too busy to notice. After a bit of time studying with Moshiach, we'll be able to see clearly without the wool pulled over our eyes.

4. You appear concerned that the World to Come may be a rather boring affair. Actually, Moshiach is when the real fun starts. There will still be the same sports, entertainment, and good, clean shopping sprees. But kicking a ball or buying clothes will be a form of meditation on the Oneness of Creation. Come to think of it, so will all human activities.

5. Hi-tech is only here now as a preparation for the technological applications of the times of Moshiach. M.I.T., IBM, Xerox-Parc--you guys ain't seen nothin' yet! When finally we become masters over our own tools--rather than the other way around--we shall start to utilize them to discover the G-dliness within Creation and within ourselves.

Wake up! There has never been a time in the history of the Jewish people like this before! In 2000 years of Exile, the last few years have been the only time that Jews in every part of the globe are free to follow the Judaism of their ancestors. Sure, there are still those who cannot leave their place of exile, but compare this to the horrible oppression of past times! As our sages put it, "There is no difference between our world now and the times of Moshiach, except for the oppression by the nations." The greatest oppression remaining is that of the materialistic (un)consciousness of the modern world.

So who, pray tell, is stopping us?

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Discussion (26)
August 3, 2014
A Staff or the Ark of the Covenant will be proof of the Moshiach's Arrival
With all due respect, unless the Moshiach has either of the above, or some other supernatural device showing irrefutable proof of a connection to G-d, no one will believe or follow him, certainly not the gentile population. Your thoughts?
July 2, 2014
Moshiah Now
Dear Tzvi Freeman,
Thank you so much for a truly awe inspiring, uplifting and comforting answer. Yes, He IS here now and you have really touched a chord in my heart and pushed me further along the path. I am ashamed of my own lack of courage, but men like you help me to grow in strength and faith.
Thank you.
April 24, 2014
A quiet mind is an eager heart
It is my understanding that the greatest mitzvah of this point in time is to believe with great anticipation that the moshiach will appear at any given moment. Speculation is tempting, however true awe and wonder in Adonai is the ignorance of His specific plan. Simply the complete faith that Moshiach will save the world is enough for preemptive thanks and uncontainable joy.
Did Moses know exactly what miracles would enable our Exodus?
Did Aaron know what would happen when he put the staff in the water?
The Lord promises and is true to His word. His methods are His own.
Yitzchak Chaim
October 4, 2013
Celine, perhaps Hashem is just revealing himself differently to you than he is to R' Freeman, just as he revealed himself differently to Avraham than he did to Moshe
October 2, 2013
Shalom always enjoy your writings nuggets of wisdom. However would just like to comment on somethings found in 1-5. People who are truly Yielded to The Most High, should already have there minds set on His ways as well as true change of heart. After all true change for anyone of us must began within. That being the case then we should already be learning while here how to live in His kingdom. Even though each one of us does not advance at the same rate of speed spiritually. However we all should be continually growing progressing upward. If we are then we are not so wrapped up in the material. We should be learning now while in this life how to master as you put (our tools). As we learn to do this more & more we grow more & more spiritually. Todah Rabah keep up the good mitzvot After all as we all keep up with good mitzvot the better our world can be even now.
V. Ann
June 19, 2013
Moshiach will ??
Many have different views and understanding regards the Messiah of Yisrael. What will the Moshiach demand of His people? If the Moshiach is to bring Shalom to Yisrael be sure it will be done through the application of the holy Torah. I would encourage all who believe in the arrival of the Moshiach of Yisrael to prepare themselves to live a Torah life style as this will be the "constitution " of Yisrael. We will finally experience the full beauty of the Torah. Moshiach will both show us how and command we live as HaShem expects His people and nation to live. How else can we be a light to the nations? May we both await and prepare for the arrival of Moshiach.
Philip Hammond
May 9, 2012
Moshiach or regular dude with asperiations?
W o W!...very interesting. ummmm I thought the moshiach is supposed to be sent directly by Hashem himself? ..I believe that would make him more just than a mere human being than just some old dude with ideas. And even if he is old and makes such a statement that the appointed time has arrived, would that make him crazy. Um ..strike that last statement in todayies society, in this so called modern era, People would be tempted to put him in a straight jacket...LOL.. That being said if this was done, you would have to call every one listed in scripture crazy, Major and minor prohpets alike. So..Is he here allready? taking note of all the godlessness on this rock we call earth? Maybe...I never seen scripture to be wrong concerning the fortelling of events. Just hang on to your bootstraps, HaShem has never lied about what is to take place....
Paterson, NJ
October 3, 2011
Moshiah will not be Green!
Is it really the first thing Moshiah will do upon arrival; to implement carbon limits? I suppose, if one believes that the people will choose a messiah as they chose a King, then Obama-like Moshiah will be chosen by acclamation! But if humanity is so capable of knowing how to identify Moshiah, then he will be rather redundant.
"Even the Kabbalists agree that Moshiach isn't planning on a sudden appearance." What does "even Kabbalists" imply? Are Kabbalists supposed to be "extremists" in favor of Messiah appearing? Not from what I have read. I feel that Kabbalistic writings are purposely written to "spiritualize" the Torah, and of course a physical Moshiah is not something any Kabbalist would be expected to be awaiting.
He will make his presence known gradually? The Stone that Daniel foresaw crushing Nebuchednezzar's statue's toes of iron and clay, is not a metaphor suggesting a gradualist approach!
Don't lower the bar of what Moshiah will be, He is coming.
Brian S
Simsbury, CT
June 30, 2010
Moshiach now...
Like many species on this planet, from the "zigzagging" of the dolphins to the mass migrations of the caribou we seek a lead. Perhaps this lead, this Moshiach, comes from Hollywood or descends through major political families. Perhaps just a humble upbringing, but G-d is upon this lead and soon many could know. Jews, we must become holy. That time is now. Move away from all things unholy and embrace all that is.

As always, Tzvi, you are flowing with words that heal and inspire.
Yacolt, WA
June 24, 2010
I read a lot of articles pertaining to Jewish matters on daily/weekly basis and this is one worth saving and keeping! Excellent message! Thank you for sharing. Shalom.
Saint Louis
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