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Day Four of Week 7: Netzach of Malchut

Day Four of Week 7: Netzach of Malchut

46th Day of the Omer


A person's dignity and a leader's success is tested by his endurance level. Will and determination reflect the power and majesty of the human spirit. The strength of one's sovereignty.

How determined am I in reaching my goals? How strong is my conviction to fight for a dignified cause? How confident am I in myself? Is my lack of endurance a result of my low self-esteem? Do I mask my insecurities by finding other excuses for my low endurance level?

Exercise for the day: Act on something that you believe in but have until now been tentative about. Take the leap and just do it!

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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BA Kress Austin June 7, 2016

Endurance In the spirit of netzach, how about this addition? Endure in something that you believe in but have until now only begun to act on. Reply

Gregory May 10, 2013

Faith will cause us to move out of our comfort zone every time! So, listen to faith's call to ACTION! Reply

Diane Hartman Cudo S Paul, USA May 14, 2010

Endurance This is a good nugget of encouragement as we approach Shavuot, and as I "endure" the duration of my pre-conversion years. It is truly a test of endurance to know that I know that this is the goal I am to pursue, to achieve, to consummate by mikveh. And only Torah truths and principles are worthy and sustaining. Reply

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