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Day Three of Week 7: Tiferet of Malchut

Day Three of Week 7: Tiferet of Malchut

45th Day of the Omer


Examine the compassion of sovereignty. A good leader is a compassionate one. Is my compassion compromised because of my authority? Do I realize that an integral part of dignity is compassion?

Tiferet - harmony - is critical for successful leadership. Do I manage a smooth-running operation? Am I organized? Do I give clear instructions to my subordinates? Do I have difficulty delegating power? Does my organization work as a team? Do we have frequent staff meetings to coordinate our goals and efforts?

Exercise for the day: Review an area where you wield authority and see if you can polish it up and increase its effectiveness by curtailing excesses and consolidating forces.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Natalie Renn Tolleson June 6, 2016

Wonderful Meditation Every meditation touches me so deeply and always makes me want to be a better person. I look so forward to reading the meditations every day especially today'so about compassion. Reply Staff via May 19, 2015

To Diane Henry Such a book has been published several years ago. It's called "Spiritual Guide to the Omer" by Rabbi Simon Jacobson, you can purchase it by clicking on the link on the right side of this page. Reply

Diana M Henry Newport, Vermont May 18, 2015

Please compile these in a book! I wish Chabad would publish a book with these comments, maybe inserting blank lined pages where the owner could write in the dates for their years, Reply

Anonymous New York, NY May 30, 2014

Tiferet Does my compassion manifest as self appreciation and a serene sense of self reliance, or have I sunk into a crippling self pitty that makes me feel ashamed and incapable of taking the necessary steps to lead a dignified life? In the face of adverse circumstances, how can I restore my equanimity and find my way? Sometimes I feel desperated! Reply

John Minneapolis, MN May 29, 2014

Easier to say than do. I fully agree with the ideas presented. It seems that most people are not able to make a change, much less consider making one. If we all try we surely will build a better place at home and work. Reply

Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York City, New York May 9, 2013

Compassion Tiferet (Harmony); Harmony in all relationships is very crucial with compassion of our spirituality with one G-d always. Brought out a very good example for the day!

Thank you Reply

s dublin, ireland June 3, 2011

so now one sees where it originates from! For last year's law exams I wrote about the Israeleet medical team's response to the Haiti earthquake as an answer to a question on public emergencies - and got grade A ! All their organisation and work was delegated instead of one leader designating and behaving in such a manner that you suggest is sinful and requiring reflection etc...
Go Chabad Reply

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