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Day Two of Week 7: Gevurah of Malchut

Day Two of Week 7: Gevurah of Malchut

44th Day of the Omer


Examine the discipline of your sovereignty and leadership. Although sovereignty is loving, it needs to be balanced with discipline. Effective leadership is built on authority and discipline.

There is another factor in the discipline of sovereignty: determining the area in which you have jurisdiction and authority. Do I recognize when I am not an authority? Do I exercise authority in unwarranted situations? Am I aware of my limitations as well as my strengths? Do I respect the authority of others? Dignity also needs discipline. A dignified person needs to have a degree of reserve.

Exercise for the day: Before taking an authoritative position on any given issue, pause and reflect if you have the right and the ability to exercise authority in this situation.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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BA Kress Austin, Texas May 15, 2012

Discipline Works Two Ways Just as one should be careful about one's right to use authority, one should also be careful about refraining from the use of authority when it is important for the good. Reply

BA Kress Austin, Texas May 13, 2012

Another View Once again our author worries more about the improper use of authority than the failure to be strong and active when leadership requires it.

Too often we fail to lead when we must. We may fear. Or we may think there's nothing we can do. Sometimes we're trapped in the status quo. And sometimes we blame others when we really have the authority to fix problems that beset us and those in our charge.

The Gevurah of Malchut demands that we steel up to acting effectively to fulfill the duties we're blessed with the authority to carry out. Reply

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