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Day Five of Week 6: Hod of Yesod

Day Five of Week 6: Hod of Yesod

40th Day of the Omer


Humility is crucial in healthy bonding. Arrogance divides people. Preoccupation with your own desires and needs separates you from others. Humility allows you to appreciate another person and bond with him. Bonding that is just an extension of your own needs is only bonding tighter with yourself. Healthy bonding is the union of two distinct people, with independent personalities, who join for a higher purpose than satisfying their own needs.

True humility comes from recognizing and acknowledging G‑d in your life. Am I aware of the third partner - G‑d - in bonding? And that this partner gives me the capacity to unite with another, despite our distinctions.

Exercise for the day: When praying acknowledge G‑d specifically for helping you bond with others.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Maurice Medina Thornhill May 13, 2015

Keep up the excellent work.
Thank you and G.. Bless. Reply

Anonymous Dallas, TX May 25, 2014

True Humility, Bonding, Asking Hashem This hits me right between the rib cage---top center. I am literally fighting at developing my Jewish soul. The more I fight, the more humbled I become. The more humble the closer I feel to all Israel. Maybe I am progressing not so much, but still progressing. Thanks for this message. Reply

Casey Phoenix May 5, 2013

Humility is crucial in healthy bonding,Anonymous in Mesa, True humility comes from recognizing and acknowledging G-d in your life. How true these two sentences are. Loneliness causes pain, rejection causes hatred, Fear causes us all to make mistakes. Without G-d one can not live, for without him there is no Love, Hope or Faith. I am by myself a great deal also As a full time student, I have very little time for groups, but on holidays and when I feel as you do, I find my strength in the family I have at Temple Emanuel. I too am learning. I get excited at what I learn each day. The Rabbi says, I am truly filled with the love of G-d. For everything I do, is a learning step closer to and for him. I am still studying how to be a good Jewish Woman. I love the cooking, the togetherness, traditions and spiritual values placed on each day and person you meet. When you feel alone, contact me through my email. I may not answer until late because of class, but you aren't alone. You have the entire Jewish community and G-d with you.. Think positive. Reply

Maria New York, NY May 17, 2012

To Anonymous from Mesa I wonder how many Jews can REALLY PROVE their ancestry. I dare say that indeed very few have, so to speak, charters of Jewishness. Yet so many adopt an arrogant, despective attitude against other Jews, forgeting Who created us and that we are commanded to honor and bond with our fellow Jews. The pain inflicted by such attitude is so agonizing, the wound so extremely damaging, that it can actually kill the recipient (Remember Akiva's disciples). I know. I've been there. I've felt that excruciating pain... And, I almost died. Literally. Only by Hashem's mercy am I enduring.
Own your truth, and cleave to Hashem: He also knows your truth. May G-d bless you and strengthen you, and may it be His will that you find a welcoming and loving community soon. Reply

Noii Asberry Chicago, IL May 29, 2011

...the third partner... G_d is the FIRST partner in every bonding relatiionship The first mitzvah is to love our G_d above anyone and everything. How can anyone bond without G_d's Divine? Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA May 29, 2011

Humility is crucial in healthy bounding... As I reflect on these words of Hod of Yesod, in the bonding of people, my heart cries out to G-d Almighty. Why am I rejected? What have I done? I know that my ancestry has to be proven, yet, what does it takes from others to approve it? Thank you for your teachings, I am learning. I hope for everybody to learn and practice what they learn from Torah teachings. Reply

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