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Day Four of Week 6: Netzach of Yesod

Day Four of Week 6: Netzach of Yesod

39th Day of the Omer


An essential component of bonding is its endurance. Its ability to withstand challenges and setbacks. Without endurance there is no chance to develop true bonding.

Am I totally committed to the one I bond with? How much will I endure and how ready am I to fight to maintain this bond? Is the person I bond with aware of my devotion?

Exercise for the day: Demonstrate the endurance level of your bonding by confronting a challenge that obstructs the bond.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Taj Santa Fe May 31, 2016

I am wondering if a single person like me, can bond with myself from the perspective of bonding with the highest good I am able to represent in the world - something I am working on. Reply

Anonymous May 12, 2015

This is a very important one, and very relevant to my life right now. Thanks for posting! Reply

Anonymous Kittanning, PA May 28, 2011

Omer 39, Bonding... Summed up in one word: LOYALTY. Reply

Eliana Villegas Leavenworth, Wa/USA May 27, 2011 This website has spiritually awakened my inner being to be righteous most who know or knew me before probably wouldn't recognize me now, I have had to distance myself from the outward senses that pollute my inward senses, I feel as I count down the Omer each day that God is cleansing me for my trip to Jerusalem, this site has taught me much ,I am very thankful , Shalom, Reply

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