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Day One of Week 6: Chesed of Yesod

Day One of Week 6: Chesed of Yesod

36th Day of the Omer


Week Six - Yesod

Bonding is the ultimate emotional connection. While the first five qualities (love, discipline, compassion, endurance and humility) are interactive, they manifest duality: the lover and the beloved. The emphasis is on an individual's feelings, not necessarily on mutuality.

Bonding, on the other hand, is a complete fusion of the two. Without bonding no feeling can be truly realized. Bonding means connecting; not only feeling for another, but being attached to him. Not just a token commitment, but total devotion. It creates a channel between giver and receiver. Bonding is eternal. It develops an everlasting union that lives on forever through the perpetual fruit it bears. Bonding is the foundation of life. The emotional spine of the human psyche. Every person needs bonding to flourish and grow. The bonding between mother and child; between husband and wife; between brothers and sisters; between close friends. Bonding is affirmation; it gives one the sense of belonging; that "I matter", "I am significant and important". It establishes trust - trust in yourself and trust in others. It instills confidence. Without bonding and nurturing we cannot realize and be ourse lves.

Bonding channels all five previous qualities into a constructive bond, giving it the meaning "foundation". Whereas all other human feelings are individual emotions, separate stories of a building, each a necessary component of human experience, bonding channels and integrates them all into one bond which creates a foundation upon which the structure of human emotions firmly stands. Bonding is giving all of yourself not just part; it is not one emotion but all of them. So Yesod completes the spectrum of the first six emotions.

The foundation of Yesod is different from an ordinary foundation. It does not just rest beneath the higher levels of the structure, but encompasses them all. An effective bedrock of the emotional psyche cannot remain separate but must include and permeate all the emotions. Only then can bonding be constructive and everlasting.

Day One of Week 6: Chesed of Yesod

Love is the heart of bonding. You cannot bond without love. Love establishes a reliable base which allows bonding to build on. If you have a problem bonding, examine how much you love the one (or the object) you wish to bond with. Do I try to bond without first fostering a loving attitude? Is my bonding expressed in a loving manner?

Exercise for the day: Demonstrate the bond you have with your child or friend through an act of love.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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susan colorado May 10, 2015

The most beautiful writing. Helps me to welcome all the love I have in my life and to give that love as well Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills April 30, 2013

Thank You For Posting This Essay I second Binah's comments. Reply

george jimenez, sr. Escondido, Ca.-U.S.A- May 12, 2012

Bonding/Love We cannot do nothing, nothing without the love of G-d that instillied in us by our G-d...Blessed be Him for this gift to us...Everyday I thank G-d for another day to Love, breath and to pass it on to others...Bless you people of G-d... Reply

binah bindell albany, ny May 12, 2012

day 36 Omer Thank you for the beautiful essay on this day. Inspiring, and meaningful. Really, it is more of a meditation that hopefully becomes internalized and acted upon. Thank you. Reply

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