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Day Six of Week 5: Yesod of Hod

Day Six of Week 5: Yesod of Hod

34th Day of the Omer


Humility should not be a lonely experience. It ought to result in deep bonding and commitment. There is no stronger bond than one that comes out of humility. Does my humility separate me from others or bring us closer? Does my humility produce results? Long term results? Does it create an everlasting foundation upon which I and others can rely and build.

Exercise for the day: Use your humility to build something lasting.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Hilda M Orlando May 17, 2017

Even while you are been humble, "people living next door &/or working with you" don't see you as humble, but envy you and project their very deep mean soul & inner self in you. G-d is a full witness every day. No matter what you do, how you follow instructions and keep your month shut, still they look after you to get you in trouble. No one seek G-d nor even know, practice or identifies humbliness anymore. It is like everybody blaming and making Jews responsibles for all the wrong things happening in this world. They will never see Jews as humble people. But here I am as one of them, receiving this lesson that I practice and no one seems to see, or maybe even see it, but dislikes it as well. Sometimes humbliness is confused with weakness...then bullying steps in. Bully conduct is even in old adults as well. It is not only a teenager trend, but is a full life style. Reply

fred davis mi May 26, 2016

Thank you for your perspective Reply

Pat Neibergall Prince Rupert May 8, 2015

We say that it's four weeks and six days of the omer but down below, we say it is the 4th day of the 5th week. How is that calculated? Is one wrong? Reply

David Kalona, Iowa May 18, 2014

humility Would a truly humble person go about telling others how humble they are? Or, would a humble person really meditate upon their humbleness ? I think not. The humble often become so from some event or form of humiliation. Others may say this one or that one is 'humble'. When I put others before myself, it is not for any recognition, but for their own sakes. They are more important than I, more deserving, more wise. I am the least of any. Being mocked, or scorned is only part of it Reply

Kristine Norway May 21, 2013

Great comment Anonymous, Forest Hills :) It is said the Moshiach will be riding a donkey, a symbol of humility... the Tribes of Israel (Zechariah 9:9-10, Genesis 49:8-12). Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills April 28, 2013

Thanks, Kristine! I like your example. In addition, I take from it that humility is a result of serving something greater than oneself in a spirit of love and self-surrender, and that done with others can move the world. Reply

Kristine Norway April 28, 2013

Humility in Action The Jewish people is an outstanding example of humility in action building something lasting. Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills April 28, 2013

Please give an example. Please provide an example of humility in action building something lasting. Reply

Anonymous mesa May 11, 2012

Yesod Of Hod Unwantedly, by being humble most of my life, I became a door mat which even my own child stepped on. And as to saying: "I do not want a mother, I do not need a mother." Most people that I have known in my life took advantage of me. I know that they have gotten their taste of their own evil. I have learnt to build boundaries now. Love, live, and let live. Hashem, blessed be He, has been teaching me. May Hashem have mercy on all of us. This is such a beautiful Creation. We are all in it, and are part of it. We, as individuals, are all beautiful like the image of G-d. What each individual makes of himself is their choice. Nothing can change that. Hashem, blessed be He, gave us that freedom. That is one of the reasons why I love my Creator more and more everyday. His Precious Love is unphatomable, but it is simply extraordinary!! Reply

BA Kress Austin, Texas April 29, 2012

The Other When we through Hod open ourselves to, and love, the other in our lives, we grow closer to our G-d. This seems to be one way of understanding the Yesod of Hod. Reply

Kristine Vedavaagen, Norway May 22, 2011

Re: humility: The greater a person's status and opportunities to do good, the more demanding God is of him (Deut. 10:17-18). Reply

abr May 3, 2010

humility Oh wow, that is great...a nice positive spin!
thank you! Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman for May 3, 2010

Re: humility Don't run away from them. Instead, exude more warmth, shine more light. Take control of your environment.

Don't be protective--be proactive. Reply

Anonymous boca raton, usa May 2, 2010

humility If people somehow pull out positive energy from a person, how can that person protect his/herself from being used in that way. Reply

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