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Day Five of Week 5: Hod of Hod

Day Five of Week 5: Hod of Hod

Lag BaOmer- 33rd Day of the Omer


Examine the humility of humility. Everyone has humility and modesty in their hearts, the question is the measure and manner in which one consciously feels it? Am I afraid to be too humble? Do I mask and protect my modesty with aggressive behavior? Learn to cultivate your humility by interacting with people who are more refined than yourself, evoking in you modesty and humility that motivates you to grow.

Humility must also be examined for its genuineness. Is my humility humble? Or is it yet another expression of arrogance? Do I take too much pride in my humility? Do I flaunt it? Is it self-serving? Is my humility part of a crusade or is it genuine? Do I have expectations due to my humility?

Exercise for the day: Be humble just for its own sake.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Anonymous mi May 25, 2016

Thank you for your perspective Reply

Ginger NY May 6, 2015

blessing for counting omer This past Saturday nite's post was most helpful. I have a question: I like the deep stuff/stuff I can relate to my personal growth. I do not like saying the blessing for counting the omer because it doesn't say much to me. It is extremely general. Why? Can you give me something to make it more meaningful? Thanks, Ginger Reply

Susan Colorado May 18, 2014

With the help of our all mighty G-D humility will help me see myself in true perspective and to keep my mind open to the truth Reply

Gilla nissan Los Angeles May 17, 2014

for me humility is when I know my place, know why I am here.
I know my size in the bigger picture. I feel blessed and recognized. Than, humility arises on its own from the mystery within. Nothing is imposed or artificial. All is real. I feel then grateful.
I accept the wonder of my life. Humility is the experience. The raw experience.
The Hod of the Hod. Reply

Pnina Jerusalem April 27, 2013

Humility and self-defense Apart of training oneself in true humbleness, for its own sake is one thing. But sometimes we need to defend our dignity, the Torah etc. And then - humility is counterproductive. So I think, when one aspires to modesty, he should probably at the same time be aware where is the border. What are the situations, in which I should act decisively. This is maybe also a place to make difference between humbleness towards Hashem (which should be always) and towards people (there it is sometimes not in place). Or maybe I miss the point of humility? Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA May 22, 2011

Humility How do one knows its humility? What it is to be humble? Is it an act of oneself to feel compassion for others as for oneself? Or is it an act of lack of arrogance concerning others social or religious status? If one is truly humble, should one feel rejected, outcast, not part of the flock, because... Or should one just accept the outcome of the behavior of others and surrender such to our Creator in submission to His Infinite Wisdom? In the latter based, I accept my humility albeit the umbelieve of my humble cause by others. Reply

Angela Schnaubelt World May 21, 2011

infinite gratitude for this information I have been posting every day on my Facebook, and this is the website that i refer to for the meditation. I modify my post to my personal experience and understanding of the relationships between the two spheres of the day, but this website is an awesome starting ground: short, provocative questions, and concise.
Many thanks! Ange Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for May 10, 2010

Re:Hod of Hod There are many levels of humility; one becomes truly humble when it becomes part of one's nature.

I would recommend browsing through the various articles on our site about humility, listed here. Reply

Jessica Vancouver , WA May 3, 2010

Hod of Hod My humility is practiced everyday and I am yet to recieve the same. Is it wrong for me to be generally upset for not recieving the same courtesy as I give to others? Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, new york May 1, 2010

omer meditation I enjoy this, it is an excellent feature for the webpage...I especially appreciate reading the exercises at the conclusion which are both relevant and well thought-out...Jay Reply

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