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Day One of Week 3: Chesed of Tiferet

Day One of Week 3: Chesed of Tiferet

15th Day of the Omer


Week three - Tiferet

Tiferet - compassion - blends and harmonizes the free outpouring love of chesed with the discipline of gevurah. Tiferet possesses this power by introducing a third dimension - the dimension of truth, which is neither love or discipline and therefore can integrate the two.

Truth is accessed through selflessness: rising above your ego and your predispositions, enables you to realize truth. A clear and objective picture of yours and others needs. The imbalance of love and discipline (and for that matter, any distortion) is a result of a subjective, hence limited perspective; introducing truth, by suspending personal prejudices, allows you to express your feelings (including the synthesis of chesed and gevurah) in the healthiest manner.

This quality gives tiferet its name, which means beauty: it blends the differing colors of love and discipline, and this harmony makes it beautiful. For tiferet to be complete it needs the inclusion of the following seven facets: love of compassion, discipline of compassion, compassion of compassion, endurance of compassion, humility of compassion, bonding of compassion and sovereignty of compassion.

Day One of Week 3 (15th day of omer): Chesed of Tiferet

Examine the love aspect of compassion.

Ask yourself: Is my compassion tender and loving or does it come across as pity? Is my sympathy condescending and patronizing? Even if my intention is otherwise, do others perceive it as such? Does my compassion overflow with love and warmth; is it expressed with enthusiasm, or is it static and lifeless?

Exercise for the day: When helping someone extend yourself in the fullest way; offer a smile or a loving gesture.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Philippe Bitton Southfield May 7, 2016

The Neutralizing Force Tifferet is found on the central column, as you expressed the Union (the knowing within onseelf, that descents from Da'at _the union of Chochmah and Binah)
To be, present and conscious, through the physical it is known and shared.
Abahat shalom ben adam leHavero - the smile, the opening of doors, a listing ear, and so many more daily opportunities.
And this is Malchut. When Z'Anpin (HGT NHY) are in Harmony (Shalem ) with one's words.
Thank you
Hazak VeBachuh Reply

philippe bitton Southfield May 7, 2016

Thank you, beautifully expressed, with depth and eloquence.
Peace and Love Reply

Robert Mehler April 9, 2013

direct and severe guide to introspection Reply

Anonymous London April 22, 2012

Chesed of Tiferet Wonderful, causing greater depth of thought. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Tucson April 14, 2010

compassion My first "ah-hah" was the realization that while I usually give to someone needing a donation, I don't always take the time to ask questions about their needs or wants.

Thanks for waking me up and making me realize that I need to study my giving and compassion and make sure that I'm on the most effective path for those receiving from me. Reply

Hugh East Windsor, New Jersey April 13, 2010

chesed and gevurah I believe that I never balanced my sympathy for the underclass and "oppressed" with my gevurah which explains why I had this socialisttic point of view; always more concerned about the Have-Not. Reply

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