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Kaddish Assistant

Kaddish Assistant

Learn how to recite Kaddish at your own pace and in your own tradition.


Download Kaddish Assistant from the Google Play Store   Download Kaddish Assistant from the Apple App Store
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1000 characters remaining October 5, 2014

Now Available for iPhone and iPad Kaddish Assistant is now available for iPhone and iPad devices at the Apple App Store. Reply October 1, 2014

iPhone Version is on the way We expect the Apple iPhone version to be available within the next few days. Thank you for your patience! Reply

Anonymous MI, USA October 1, 2014

No Kaddish app for the iPhone ? ? ? Reply

Anonymous Rockville, MD October 1, 2014

Really should put the appropriate device in the picture So you are advertising an app for Kaddish using an iPhone but it is only available in Android in the Google store? Reply