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"In direct consequence to the overwhelming success of the Maccabee project, the administration of Heaven Inc. has decided to provide yet another wondrous manifestation of the truth behind the cosmos, a.k.a. a miracle. We are presently accepting proposals..."

The Menorah Files

The Menorah Files

The inside story behind the Chanukah miracle


Burning a flask of oil for eight days may seem a plain vanilla sort of miracle, but for the engineering teams up in Heaven Inc. it was no piece of cake.

Here's the story from their perspective —and from that of the great halachist, Rabbi Yosef Karo.

Heaven Inc. e-mails all heavenly engineering firms conditions and stipulations for the menorah miracle.
How the Heavenly Court commissioned the services of an earthly consultant.
Quality Miracles and their outstanding presentation
Outanowhere inc. presents their alternative solution
Outanowhere discovers that more is less and infinite power is not always a sufficient solution.
Rabbi Karo stumps the Heavenly Court
Yosef Karo confronts the angel of Ancient Greece
Halacha emerges victorious over Greek logic
A puzzled fan learns that if it all makes sense, you've got it wrong.
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