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Two classic discourses, traditionally recited at weddings. The first of which was delivered by the previous Rebbe at the marriage of his second daughter to the Rebbe in 1928. The second, on the same verse and topic, was delivered by the Rebbe in 1954. Also included is an anthology of wedding customs listed in Sefer HaMinhagim.

Maamar Lecha Dodi

Maamar Lecha Dodi

Includes Customs Related To a Chabad Wedding


As every Lubavitcher Chassid who was once a chassan recalls, his own wedding celebrations began with an inspired and solemn moment — the recital of the classic maamar that begins with the phrase, Lechah Dodi. This is the very same discourse that was first delivered by the Rebbe Rayatz in the Tomchei Temimim Yeshivah in Warsaw, at the marriage of his second daughter to the Rebbe on the 14th of Kislev, 5689 [1928].

We present this maamar to you, translated to English by Rabbi Eli Touger, in addition to a maamar by the Rebbe on the same verse, recited in the year 5714 [1954]. This edition has also been supplemented by a translation of the wedding customs listed in Sefer HaMinhagim - The Book of Chabad-Lubavitch Customs.

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