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With this app you can learn to chant the four questions, plan and share your cleaning and shopping lists, browse kosher for passover recipes, view key Passover times and more!

Passover Assistant

Passover Assistant

Make preparing for Passover easier and more fun!

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Tzipporah April 7, 2016

Thank you for the App. I am very grateful. I see it has downloaded, not sure how to find my way into it.

Wonderful stuff you do Chabad/ Reply

R. G. Israel March 15, 2016

Just downloaded the app. Looks good. The recipes look delicious and not just for Pesach! I would like to be able to sync the checklist with a calendar so that I can prepare a countdown for Pesach cleaning and other preparations for yom tov. Thanks. Reply

Debbie March 18, 2015

2015 Version Hi,

Loved using this last year.

Will this be updated for 2015? Reply

Marion Rosen Ma'ale Adumim, Israel April 14, 2014

One more thought... Great app! In addition to my comment yesterday, I'm thinking it would be wonderful to have a way to add one's own recipes to the meal plan/cookbook function.

(To be clear, I think this is great. And I have no idea what is needed to add functionality in an app, or how different the programming is for each platform. I just love the idea that this could be a "one stop shop"...and would be willing to pay for it to have greater functionality too.) Reply

Marion Rosen Maale Adumim, Israel April 13, 2014

New features for 5775? I would love to have a place to keep track, not only of my shopping list, but also for comments. For example if I bought 5 bags of potato starch but only used 3, I'd like to be able to remember that for next year. Or if I broke a plate or serving dish and need a new one... Reply

Carol England April 2, 2014

I went to and downloaded it for free for my Kindle HD. Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2014

Pesach App Can we download a similar program on our desktops? Reply

Dalia LA March 27, 2014

Passover app Can I down load the Passover app to my Mac computer? Reply

ken NJ March 27, 2014

four questions Would like the four questions in Yiddish. Reply

Anonymous livingston, new jersey via March 27, 2014

a sisen pesach cleaning for pesach and searching for chametz Reply

Ellen New York March 27, 2014

Me too, kindle fire hd, would love to get the app. Reply

Carol UK March 27, 2014

I have a Kindle Fire HD and I can't download the app. Any ideas so I can get it.
Thanks. Reply