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Why Don't Miracles Happen Today?

Why Don't Miracles Happen Today?



Why don't we see miracles today like the Jews saw in the story of Chanukah? And don't tell me that every day is a miracle, childbirth is a miracle, and the sunrise is a miracle. I am talking about splitting seas, dead people coming alive, and voices-from-heaven and hand-writing-on-the-wall type of miracles. The really supernatural stuff -- what happened to that? Why did the people of the Bible get all the special effects and we don't? Has G‑d retired?


Have you ever wished you were a child again?

Don't kids have it made? Their parents do everything for them. The child is hungry and, amazingly, food appears in front of him. The child hurts herself and the parent is immediately there to kiss it better. The child is lovingly put to sleep at night, and lovingly taken out of bed in the morning. It's a comforting and secure existence. But it doesn't last for long.

As the child develops and grows, the parents gradually withdraw. A baby becomes a toddler; she can walk on her own two feet, feed herself, and look after some of her own needs. Eventually she will grow into a young child, and can even go out of the house for the day, without her parents, and go to school. Then the child becomes teenager, when he asserts his independence even more. Teenagers brush off their parents' advice, because they have to find their own way, and they think that they know best. As difficult as it is, the parents have to accept this as a part of their child's maturation process, and to some extent allow the teenager to make some silly mistakes. Otherwise the child will never grow up.

The parents have to let go, because only then can children finally grow up -- and become adults. Then, as adults, they can relate to their parents with respect and understanding. They don't need their parents to clothe and feed them anymore, they can do that themselves. But they can enjoy a relationship that is even deeper and more real, because now, as an adult, they have grown to appreciate what their parents have done for them. That the child is the person he or she is is due to the love and attention that their parents devoted to him or her.

Humanity has taken a similar course. In the early days, G‑d was like a loving parent, very apparent and obviously looking after us. He spoke to us to give us directions; He intervened by doing miracles to save His children from harm. The wicked were punished immediately, and the righteous rewarded. That was the era of humanity's infancy. We had yet to develop the spiritual tools to relate to G‑d in any subtle or sublime way, so He spoon-fed us with open miracles.

As humanity developed spiritually, so G‑d withdrew His open manifestations in our lives. As a parent allows his child more and more freedom, so G‑d removed His open interference in world affairs. But of course, while parents may not interfere, they never really withdraw their love and attention. They oversee every move their growing child makes, and quietly influence their child's life direction, albeit from the sidelines. Similarly, as time has moved on, G‑d is just as present as before, pulling the strings of history and human destiny this way and that, but not in such an obvious and obtrusive way as through a miracle. He hides behind the coincidences and daily occurrences that seem on the surface to be quite normal. But on reflection, they are not - the hand of G‑d is clearly there.

Over the last couple of centuries, humanity went through an adolescent rebellion. We threw off the yoke of our Heavenly Parent and sought independence. Belief in G‑d was seen as a childish crutch and an immature myth. But our generation, having learnt from the adolescent mistakes of modern history, is starting to mature. We are realizing that our Divine Parent's values are not so bad after all. And we as a generation are seeking to reconnect with G‑d and true spirituality -- not as children who need miracles to convince us, but as spiritual adults, who can discern the magic behind the everyday, and the Divine within the mundane. We are finally coming of age.

Perhaps this new thirst for G‑d is the greatest miracle of all.

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Shoshana Jerusalem February 6, 2017

Yes- Disign and Miracles by the minute This world has been designed and created by G-d, who loves us and therefore made it so beautiful and colorful and magnificent. Bananas that don't let you peel them until they are sweet and ripe and ready to eat. Chicks that peck themselves out of their shells, that are not too hard because then they couldn't get out and would die inside, and are not too soft because then they would be squashed when being laid. Grass that grows under the snow and doesn't freeze because the snow protects it. The hard shell of the coconut. It's so obvious that G-d wants us to drink and enjoy it's milk, and therefore packaged it so that it won't crack open and spill out when it falls from the tree. It is all plan and design and Miracles. Study the amazing eye, the ears, the heart. All of this shows intricate design and planning. A baby being born from an embryo, a fruit tree, eating only sunshine and water, grows from a decayed little seed. How does it know to grow apples and not pears? Reply

Lilly hamilton London February 5, 2017

Can u pls answer this question
Do you agree that our world has been designed by god Reply

Anonymous the bahames September 17, 2015

jpr I would like to ask you a jpr question. Miracles do not be performed today. Do you agree or disagree give reasons to support your answer Reply

JM June 27, 2014

Watch "Father of Lights" Look it up on YouTube if it is there or buy it on Amazon or wherever you can find it and see a glimpse of the amazing supernatural miracles going on all over the world. :) Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem June 25, 2014

"Hester Panim" The Hidden Face We are now living in the time which is called Hester Panim, when G-d's miracles are there but hidden, like in the Book of Esther. But if we were but to open our eyes and our hearts we would see His hand everyplace, like Chiam (Jun 23) and many others have said.

I feel His presence guiding me and doing miracles so strongly that I don't even know why it's called hester panim,( hidden) but a friend of mine told me, "just wait till we will have gelui (open)panim, and then we will understand the difference," soon in our days, amen.

So people ask, "why doesn't He perform miracles in our times?" He actually does do miracles everyday,( but those don't count, because He does them every day!) So how often would you say that G-D has the responsibility to come down and show us His hand? Is it His responsibility to show us, or is it our responsibility to look? Reply

Chaim June 23, 2014

How about listing a few modern miracles? Entebbe rescue was a miracle.

On many levels, but just take this one:

The plane was out of fuel,but it kept flying.

And the kidnapped people were rescued.

That is only the best known example.

Many know of people who were dying. The MDs had given them six months. Or less.

Insead they lived six years. Or, they recovered and the doctors now pretend that the diagnosis was an error. And so on and on and on....

Or the Rebbe said, "Don't take that flight." and the passenger changed his flight. And his new flight was fine, but the prior flight had problems.

Or the Rebbe said, "Do not accept that treatment from the MD." and the MD said, "That is the standard treatment." But eveyone who took that treatment died. And the ones who refused it are still alive today, 20 years later.

There have been many miracles.

Big obvious ones.

Ben Gurion said, "Any Israeli who disbelieves in miracles, isn't a realist." Reply

Larry Zinck nowhere June 22, 2014

What a cop-out regarding miracles. Reply

frank morris tennessee May 14, 2014

life I am 63 years old I was taken a way from my father after 40 years I found 2 of my family, that is a miracle B,H. I had a great foster family and I grew up to fine my Jewish roots and I am on my journey to follow Hashem to learn Torah and I can read Hebrew that again is a miracle. Reply

Rev Michael Pierson Sr Rossville Indiana May 13, 2014

My wife endured cancer three times in ways that allowed hundreds to see God's grace in the life of an suffering believer (one was the most aggressive a female can have) she has been cancer free now for 13 years.
Again my wife was over the years before, during and after her times of cancers had five chronic diseases, although I am a Pastor I just knew it was the end (my wife could only stay up about two hours a day before she'd be worn) and I was making plans on going into retirement as a Widower as one of her specialist had told her to make life ending arrangements. But on an ordinary Sunday 4 months ago to sick for church she laid in bed, after I arrived home she told me she was healed and she was. Reply

Rod May 5, 2014

God as Father God is the same in the past, the present and future. Because we as a culture have changed doesn't mean He has changed and is no longer interested in meeting our needs. Our needs today are as great if not greater than the past, so I question our faith, trust and belief. I question our belief if we limit Him with our intellectual growth and developments. Raise the bar and be confident in God. He will surprise you with His miracles today, so what do you believe about Him? I know what I have seen and heard doctors declare miracles. God is about us. He wants to interact with us and share in actions. Again, what do believe about God? Reply

T Neeley Tennessee April 14, 2014

miracles of today Oh, the miracles I could share! I know the more you believe, the more miracles you will see. A friend almost completely deaf was instantly healed one night... after some of the best drs in US gave no more hope! My dad & uncle SAW the dislocated/broken elbow of my aunt go back in place while waiting in the ER. I was healed instantly of severe asthma!!! Talk about a miracle!! Years ago, my estranged husband said I'd better watch out, that he'd tampered with my car. I just prayed. After driving it for several days, I had the oil checked & the shocked man showed me that I didn't have a distributor cap. I didn't even know what that meant till he explained! My son...torn ligaments in both ankles & a broken foot..completely healed & didn't have to have surgery. Took my friend to church for prayer...been on a walker for 3 months with injured knee...I carried the folded walker to the car while she walked out!! These are just a few of the many miracles that I've seen. Praise G_d!!!! Reply

vicki chicago, IL March 27, 2014

Miracles I witness three Miracles, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer went back three days later and they found nothing,and she is doing just fine. One sister experience depression really bad and she went to see a doctor and the put her in the exam room,and a doctor came in and spoken with her and I and she went the nurse came she said the doctor will be with you all soon. And we both answered her and she the doctor just left out and she no doctor has been in this room and with said yes we just seen one,and got up and left. I myself was heal from a diagnoses as well and I went back in two weeks and what the test show,they took another one and what was suppose to had been there was completely gone. So yes Miracles are happening today.

Anonymous Brisbane, Australia March 11, 2014

Miracles ALWAYS happen One only needs to take a closer look at the news and events of the world to realise that miracles happen each and every day. The person pronounced dead that wakes in the morgue hours later, The car crash victim who walks away unscathed, the lost hiker who survives 40 days in the desert, the man who's parachute does not open who walks away uninjured, the cases of cancer patients going for a check-up and being told they are completely cancer free without any explanation from the doctors... think about it, these things are happening all around us. Don't ever underestimate the power of the man upstairs. Reply

LeoKamp December 13, 2013

Dec 2013 Miracle . Houston, Texas A tree branch went through a woman's windshield while driving narrowly missing her by inches. A passerby attempted to open car door and was halted by another witness. Fallen live electrical wire was touching car.......driver minor injuries.......witness saved all. The Almighty was first One there. Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem, Israel April 16, 2012

open your eyes and see the miracles First of all, the big miracles of Passover,etc. were written down and not passed .on orally. Jews always knew to read and write. And what about the open, specacular miracle of little Israel surviving so many wars? Our supernatural victory in the War of Independance? And The Six Day War when our total population was two million and the arabs totaled 100 million? And the Yom Kippur War?
And the Persian Gulf War, when we were hit with 39 Scods, which exploded and destroyed populated buildings and the residents survived. I advise you to google into "Passover Miracles Today" "Downplaying love and kindness" ? Chabad is out there in the worst places
in the world to help others. And also the Jewish help organizations of Yad Sarah, Ezer Mitzion, Hatzala and a hundred more? Jews are inolved in loving kindness, caring and understanding
twenty-four hours a day. Reply

Thin Wizzy Chicago, IL April 10, 2012

Miracles Consider, just consider, that the most spectacular supernatural miracles happened before the time of first hand written accounts. When history was passed down orally, the great miracles happened. Just like that fish I caught when I was 8 was a hundred feet long!

But question poster, PLEASE don't downplay the miracles of love, kindness, caring, and understanding. They may not part seas or turn water into wine, but they bring meaning (some might say God) to our lives. Reply

Shaoshana Jerusalem , Israel October 25, 2011

Spelling the Devine Name We don't write out G-d's name because the paper could be thrown out or the name erased or otherwise destroyed. And being that our purpose here in this world is to sanctify His name, we are careful not to destroy it in any way.

It could be that writing it on a computer is a different type of writing, but we try to be careful of this just the same.


Shoshana Jerusalem, Israel October 25, 2011

fourth grade teacher In my opinion you should get your precious nine year old daughter out of that school FAST or at least away from that destructive teacher.

Did you speak to the teacher about this and tell her that this is intollerable? Perhaps you have to report her because you little girl's mind and soul are being poisoned.

Maybe contact your local Chabad House or if there isn't one, disuss it with an Orthodox rabbi in your area.

With best wishes for your success Reply

erasmo morales LA, CA September 28, 2011

That is good stuff. A fourth grade teacher told my 9 year old daughter that goes to Sunday school basically that G-d is a myth the he is not real, he dosen't exist ...I was upset to say the least... Reply

Chani Benjaminson July 7, 2011

Spelling Not at all, for us it's an issue of respect, not the opposite. Please see Why don't you spell out G-d's name? for more information Reply

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