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What Does G-d Need Us For?

What Does G-d Need Us For?


Rabbi, I have two questions for you:

1) Do you make up these questions or do you receive them from real people?

2) If G‑d is perfect, why did He create us? A perfect being isn't missing anything, so why would He need us? And if He doesn't need us, is our life meaningless? Are we just some divine experiment?


Some questions are too esoteric to answer. It is beyond our limited understanding to reach a solution to all the mysteries of the universe, and these may always remain mysteries. So I will have to skip your first question and only deal with the second.

You are absolutely correct: G‑d, being perfect, was missing nothing before creation. There is no possible need that this world can fulfill for Him. He doesn't need anything.

So creating us could not have been in order to fulfill a need. It was something G‑d chose to do. He doesn't need us, He wants us.

What does G‑d want from us? The one thing He didn't have before creation was a relationship. He was alone. What He wanted from this world was a relationship with free beings. So He created us and gave us ways of connecting to Him — the mitzvot.

But we can't say that He needed this relationship with us. He may have been alone before creation, but he was still G‑d — perfect and missing nothing. He didn't need a relationship — He wanted it.

Does this make our life unnecessary? Does the fact that G‑d doesn't "need" us make us less significant?

No, on the contrary. When we have a relationship with someone just because we need them (such as a cleaning lady, or a family doctor) then when that need has been fulfilled the relationship ends. Your connection is dependant on them providing a service, and will only last as long as that service is needed.

But when we have a relationship with someone simply because we want to, because we have chosen to connect to them, then that bond is intrinsic. We don't love them because of what they do for us, we love them for who they are — and that is forever.

G‑d doesn't need us; He wants us. He didn't give us commandments because He needs them to be fulfilled, but because He wants us to relate to Him. If we were created because G‑d needed us to do something, then we would be secondary to that mission — once the mission was fulfilled we could be disposed of. But G‑d needs nothing. He chose to bring us into being as a pure act of love.

That is the test of true love: if my beloved could no longer provide me with my needs, would I still love him or her just for being my beloved?

By creating us, G‑d answered yes.

Aron Moss is rabbi of the Nefesh Community in Sydney, Australia, and is a frequent contributor to
Artwork by Sarah Kranz.
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Darleen Smith Desert Hot Sprigs July 4, 2017

I love our answer to why did God create us.....I have thought that also, that we where made for God to have family, to love us because He has so much love He made us to give it to. Reply

MAGALI BONAYER June 28, 2015

What does G-d need us for? This is how I understand my faith, G-d is my Father, my creator., he doesn't need me but I can't live without him!
I need Him! I live in eternal gratitude, Hashem is my reason for living.
I have healthy wonderful children, my parents are alive, I have food on my table and a roof over my head.
Hashem keeps me healthy and strong.
I can work, learn, become a better human being because of Hashem.
I have lived without faith, I know exactly how that goes and I will never go back that path.
I converted to Judaism 32 years ago and Hashem lives in my heart, Reply

rachel Manijeh / beverly hills calif. usa Bevrly hills calif usa June 13, 2014

God has so much goodness so much energy so He could not hold on to them so decided to create a lot of demanding human so He could babe them and give away what they want and ask for them. We are children of God, just like parents they bring kids to give away all goodness to them and they see their happiness and enjoy and become happy. This is it! We actually need God and we are desperate to have God and sheckina of god between us! If I do not pray for 2 to 3 weeks I feel empty especially when I was single I felt worse . Reply

Anonymous london September 16, 2013

king and nation I believe this other reason you heard that, " that G-d does in fact need us. Without subjects, a king is not really a king. Our existence and acknowledgment of G-d as our creator and ruler over the world, makes Him the King", needs some explanation. You are right in saying that in order to be king you need a nation but what your essentially saying is that G-d was then lacking something as he didn't have a nation at the time and this of course can't be true as G-d is perfect and lacks nothing.

You simply skipped a step and therefore viewed the answer you heard different to the one in the above article when in truth they are both the same. The step you skipped is first G-d had to have will/desire/want to be king and that obviously cant come if there isn't a nation so this nation ultimately came into existence from this first step i.e the 'ratzon/will'. Reply

Anonymous Los Angeles, CA August 2, 2012

The Level of Ratzon- Will Have you ever just felt a sudden unexplainable desire for something? Thats ratzon- the level of wanting that is above all reasons and logic. Many ppl on this post are confused because the word want by definiton implies a lack. For example, I want this apple because my body is lacking calories. But want is less necessary than need, which is something absolutely necessary. Want is something that you can live without, but you still want it, because... and the reason could be anything from "this is healthy, this is tasty, this looks nice, this feels nice, this will make my friend happy, this will make me more awake, i like this color.......anything! Ultimately when you get down to it, a want will always have a reason. keyword: REASON. In Rabbi Moss’s amazing article, the “want” he is referring to is really the ratzon- the will. The ratzon is the level of desirethat is above all reasons. As Rabbi Moss so eloquently explained, Hashem wants us to exist for absoulutely no reason! Reply

Anonymous new york March 19, 2012

confused this doesn't really make sense.. a want/desire- reflects a lacking. and also if u learn about what the rebbe said about saying "we want mashiach now" - the rebbe explains thtat the word want, includes and implies a need- its stronger than just plain need, not only do we need but we also want. so how can perfection suddenly have a need? SOMETHING isnt adding up. this is illogical. and so we fall back on our basic answer of "g-d is about logic and reasoning so we cant understand him.." ok so whats left to be discussed? how can we "know Him" if he's above understanding? "דע את ה אלוקך" i- thats impossible... ? i dont know- it seems everyone contradicts everyone and noone really knows what he/she is talking about. a little consistancy would do us good.. Reply

Anonymous aaa via November 14, 2011

Need Vs. Want I disagree with the statement that G-d doesn't need us but wants us

1 - a need is something you cannot live without

2 - a want is a desire but not necessary for fulfillment

I believe that G-d does need us to fulfill something that we can't possibly know - he is infinite and we are finite (including our understanding) Reply

louise leon long pond, PA via March 11, 2010

what G-d wants How profound a thought that G-d wants to relate to other beings. Reminds me of Buber's I-thou concept. Reply

Anonymous Madison, WI March 11, 2010

Dirah Betachtonim ("Dwelling Place in the Lower Realms") Descent for the purpose of ascent, that is the purpose of Creation. This of course begs the question, how can the infinitely ascendant desire an additional ascendance? By descending, by creating a dwelling place among the lower worlds, G-d's infinite light spreads even to the lowest physicality, the fallible, the human. Reply

Dov Alberstone December 1, 2008

Isn't G-d above wanting? Reply

Mr.Hariprasad Bhusal Titwala-East, India. November 23, 2008

What does G-d need us for? In general G-d needs every one of His creation to take care of His creations but He handed over Tohra to the chosen people,the Jews, tha children of Jacob,under whose leadership the universe/world would remain safe,The Almighty expects us to recognise the leadership of the Jewish people for peace, prosperity and well being of all concerned. Reply

Dharma Adelaide, SA November 23, 2008

Does G-d need us Man alive I love seeing G-d through the eyes of the Jewish people. I have always believed that a Jewish man sees G-d as a grandson sees his granddad. the two work together, talk to one another and even discuss things. If everyone had the same relationship with G-d as the Jewish people what a beautiful world we would live in.
I LOVE the Jewish people and Jewish G-d.
I hope all Jewish people listen to their Rabbi's closely and appreciation.
May G-d bless all Jewish people in Him.. Reply

Dharma Adelaide, SA November 22, 2008

Does G-d need us It's makes G-d all the more loving to me to think He just wanted me. If He needed me I'd be right there for Him, or maybe I would take Him for granted I'm not sure.
But to think He created us all just because He wanted us is the most loving thing He could have done for us. Reply

Melech B'n Levi PHILADELPHIA, PA November 22, 2008

The Complete..... By telling us that GOD did not need a relationship but wanted it you are contradicting your words. GOD in all aspects is perfect and perfection needs or wants for nothing. Everything HE created, lacks for nothing, it is all perfect, just the way HE desired it. Everything serves a function in the wheel of nature.
Man serves his function by Blessing HIM with his life.
The dedication of freewill and nullification of your own desires for the sake of HIS, unifies man with GOD and makes us a part of the Creator, thus marrying the physical with spiritual. HE is us and we are HIM. And that can only happen when we try to see the big picture...... Reply

Mike November 21, 2008

G-d should speak directly to each of us There's the Torah. Reply

Kevin Houston, Texas November 21, 2008

Beyond Understanding "...beyond our I will have to skip your first question...". Is that sarcasm? I love it, you crack me up!
Why do so many people persist in wanting G+D to communicate directly with them? I read Deuteronomy just the other day, and one the only thing the ancient Israelites seemed to agree upon was that they did NOT want G^D talking to any of them directly. Not after the fire on the mountain, and that Numbers chapter 11 fiasco.
I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that G*D held me in his hand while I was hit by a speeding Chevrolet pickup. His power is indescribeable. Beauty beyond your imagination that fills your soul with terror. Steel folds around your body as you are held in his mercy. You do not want to experience that. Please watch out for motorcycles and scooters. Reply

Rosina Panama, Panama November 18, 2008

HE is Awesome!! Thank You so much for that most humbling answer! It Just made me love HIM the more, I am wanted by HIM; oh the wonder of this!!!
Thank you, I am genuinely moved Reply

Janice Rightmer November 17, 2008

Thank you very much. Reply

RIck M July 12, 2008

God's Creation Maybe He created us, for us! We are made in His image and to share who we are, on that kind of level, is amazing. Why do we have children? We want o love them, bless them, and give them the joys of the heart because we love them...just love them, no other motive required.
God created us to share in His great joy and creation and that works for me!! Reply

Bob January 26, 2008

Does perfection exclude evolution? In Exodus 3:24 Moses asked God, Who should I say sent me? G-d responed, "Aehyeh ahsher Aehyeh." Often translated, "I am who I am." or “I will be what I will be."

My thoughts: is it not also fair to translate these Hebrew words, "I am becoming who I am becoming."

If not, we must then ask -- Is G-d static? I must answer, No! The birth death cycle at the earthly level and the expansion of the universe at the cosmic level indicates that God is not a static G-d.

How we act, even though God knows all things, is a beautiful illustration of the inability of man to reconcile free will with predestination. We can never comprehend this, but it does not remove us from the process.

Maybe G-d is enjoying His own evolution and expansion as we, using our free will, make choices in our lives and He, responds by adjusting all the universes in the whole cosmos according to our actions. That’s quite a responsibility!

I do not think that God needs us, but that He desires us to join Him in this process. This is evidenced at the Union of us with Him at Sinai.

Just some thoughts on our purpose in God's eternal evolving plan! Reply

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