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Noah’s Children

Noah’s Children


Ham’s Sin

Noah began to plow the fields, and he planted a vineyard. One day he drank some of the wine, not knowing its strength, he became drunk. Seeing his father lying drunk in his tent, Ham told his brothers about it in a very rude way. His two brothers went into the tent, where they covered their father and put him in his bed without looking at him in his shame. When Noah awoke and found out what had happened, he was angry at his son Ham, saying that Ham’s children should be slaves to the children of his brothers Shem and Japheth.

Shem and His Descendants

Then he prayed that Shem and Japheth have wisdom and beauty, and great social and cultural achievements. Shem became a prophet of G‑d and lived six hundred years, serving G‑d as a priest. In the time of Abraham, who was the ninth generation in direct line of descent from Shem, Shem was famous under the name of Malkitzedek, the “Just King,” who brought offerings to G‑d. He lived to see the eleventh generation of his descendants (Jacob). Together with his worthy great-grandson Eber, he taught and spread faith in G‑d and in His commands in a school which was known as the Academy of Shem and Eber.

During the time of Eber’s son Peleg, the lifespan of human beings dwindled down to about one half of what it was in the former generation.

From Our People by Jacob Isaacs published and copyrighted by Kehot Publication Society 1946-1948
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Discussion (14)
December 6, 2016
somebody said Noah did not curse ham but Ham's son in which scripture was it mentioned and why is it like that.
Maria Dentlinger
November 20, 2016
No. For the most part Shem's descendants are today's Europeans.
Eliezer Zalmanov
November 16, 2016
some people say that the children of shem are the black people is it true.
November 8, 2015
Do descendants Canaan of Ham exist and if yes? Should they become Noahides if Noah cursed them. Also, why does Noah curse lasted all these generation. How come when G-d made curses it was up to 3 generations. Also, if G-d "Ham’s children should be slaves" but why were the Israelites were slaves in Egypt.
October 16, 2015
Was Ham's curse to be a black person indeed?
Interesting because the Torah itself says that Noah cursed only one of Ham's sons- Cananan. what meant that curse we knew from the fact that they were routed out of the Holy land. As Ham, Cananites continued the evil ways of prohibited relations. In the Torah, G-d warns the Jews not to follow the evil ways of those who lived in the land which made the land vomit them out. Clearly then the curse was about they continuing Ham's evil ways (and the mention of slavery can be said to mean anything bad for them). Not to mention that being slaves to his brethern, could be with the direct meaning of being servents to Kush (blacks) and Mizrahim (egyptians) , his direct brothers, the other 2 Ham's sons .
Now that slavery is over, no one considers blacks as the descendents of Ham., and the slavery their supposed curse. Otherwise we should think of Jews slaves in Egypt as part of that curse too. Moreover the Torah says of Jews being slaves to other Jews.Slavery was in all societies w no blacks.
February 25, 2014
curse of ham.
Greetings. As a philosophy and religious major in terms of the topic-let's look at the common ethic group language and culture. From my research of the Hebrew and Christian documents as well as personal conversations.. I propose that the question should be asked what happen for the incident to be mention.. And what was the content. As a member of the masonic order ..the over all duty is research.. Nothing more.. Nonthingless. Therefore.. A simple matter has been used for personal gain... Religiously and politically. Their is outside sources that explain ancient behavior of that time. This topic has been an tool to commit atrocities to other ethic groups all over the world.. In the case of color.. From a scientific reference.. If for some strange reason a curse of all curses were to be put on a person...A doubt that the reference of color would be one due to the law of science.. Only a dark gene can reproduce variety... A light gene can only produce a light gene.
July 28, 2013
Israelite In Egypt
"Ham’s children should be slaves"
But the Israelites were slaves in Egypt
April 17, 2012
does anyone know where???
I read at the end of a verse "till this day canaan is a desert" but I'm not able to find where ...
lakewood, ca
January 9, 2011
To Anonymous from Toronto
In Judaism G-D cused Ham since not only did he see his father naked and do something about it but, he wanted to make sure his father doesn't give birth anymore so his children can get a larger share of land and portion of the earth, his son Canaan was cursed since he was the one who also saw his grandfather Noah naked first and, didn't do any good about it but, rather did bad by telling his father Ham about which resulted in his father doing that evil deed and spreading these details to his brothers Shem and Japheth.

When it comes to the Canaanites and Canaan. The land was given by Noah to Shem's descendants therfore it was always thiers but, some of the Canaanite tribes who were wicked took that land and resulted in it being called Canaan but, we see clearly G-D intends that land to be for Shem's descedants which is why he gave it to Abraham and his descendants who happen to be Shem's descendants.

The Amalekites are not descendants of Canaan, they are descendants of Esau.
February 25, 2010
Are you able to read hebrew?
Seriously, why do you think Ham's entire bloodline was cursed. Because he was RUDE. That seems a little extreme. Oh wait, in Hebrew it clearly says Ham sodomized his father while drunk and then proudly showed his brother what he did. Now that seems like a more appropriate reason to curse an entire people. Stop propagating a mistranslation!
Baruch Bachmann
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