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Adam's Descendants

Adam's Descendants


Adam’s Death

Adam had a third son Seth, who was to become the father of all future generations of man.

Adam died at the age of nine hundred and thirty years. His death was mourned by all human beings. He and his wife were buried in the Cave of Machpelah, near Hebron (in the land of Israel).

Seth’s Children

During the life of Seth’s son Enosh, people began to make images and statues to remind them of G‑d. Later, however, the people began to worship the idols they had made. And so, they turned away from G‑d, and neglected the laws of right conduct which G‑d had given to Adam. G‑d saw the evil doings of the new generation and punished it time and again by sending great floods which destroyed a third of all the people living, and by causing other disasters such as famines and epidemics. But, none of these warnings brought the people to their senses.


Only in the time of Enoch (Chanoch), who was the seventh generation removed from Adam, did men improve their conduct. Enoch devoted all his life and work to the service of G‑d. He lived for many years a life of isolation and prayer. When he returned to live among the people, they soon recognized his great wisdom and justice, and elected him their leader. Under his rule there was peace all over the world. He restored faith and law among the people, so that no one stole from his neighbor, or robbed the traveler.

This order lasted till the year 930, when Adam died. Then Enoch again withdrew into seclusion, appearing only occasionally to give advice to the people and to answer the questions that had arisen during the period of his absence. Enoch did not die like any other human beings. He was one of the few who G‑d took away alive.


During the life on Enoch’s son, Methuselah (who lived nine hundred and sixty-nine years, longer than any other human being), the people again revolted against G‑d, and there prevailed a state of lawlessness, cruelty, and corruption that brought doom and destruction upon the world.

From Our People by Jacob Isaacs published and copyrighted by Kehot Publication Society 1946-1948
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Mike Algona July 5, 2016

Good video on the subject I recommend watching this video, it's pretty good on the basics of the subject Reply

jason wyck November 6, 2015

Are you referring to Eve as in "Adam's wife" or another wife if any? Reply

Anonymous January 29, 2015

Adems Decentants His name is Hashem...which means no name...G-d...its use as to some and many that we are not good enough to say his some its a sin...his real name is...look it up...your not suppose to say... Reply

Yarden September 5, 2014

WE refer to GODas G-D in writings to avoid desecration of the creators name for instance if this site were to become corrupted we would not have directly desecrated the name of G-D that reason counts for the holy Tetragrammaton yod'he'waw'he the sacred title of G-D that even though G-D says in the holy Torah that by this title shall I be known to all man and in this name shall you swear. WE avoid saying G-D'S sacred title because we have the most utter respect for the creator that we dare not! Say it for the fear of misspelling it and desecrating the sacred title of our creator sustainer destroyer and great mover, yet it is no sin to do so. I believe G-D would look quite favorably upon it.. A name is all Reply

Anonymous kentucky July 10, 2014

God... If you're going to discuss the Bible, at least refer to GOD as GOD, not G-D... Reply

Anonymous thornton, co September 20, 2012

Father of Abram Abram's father was Terah. Gen 11.27 Reply

Felix Ofoe 233, Ghana September 18, 2012

who is the father of Abraham? Reply

Anonymous darghenam, london July 24, 2012

cain,adam, seth all this people asking question should read genesis 5 all there answers are there Reply

universal jones newark, nj February 9, 2012

The whole story of creation is puzzling, to say the least. I just say follow and allow faith to be your guide....there can and will never be scientific facts to explain the "story" logic in faith. Reply

Menachem Posner for December 24, 2009

RE: Adam's daughters Please see Whom did Cain and Abel marry? for a discussion of that very question. Reply

Peter Hesketh Clitheroe, England December 24, 2009

Adam's daughters I read you website with much intereset as it gives imform ation not found in the Bible.
One subject which, like many other people, I am puzzled is who were the wives of Cain and Seth.
Understandably there must have been incest but there is no mention of daughters until after the birth of Seth. By this time Cain must have been middle aged.
Can you enlighten me? Reply

Edward K Thornton, CO September 17, 2009

wives of Adam's sons and decendants Does anyone know where I can find some commentary on where the wives of Adam's sons came from?

Thanks! Reply

Jackie Englewood, Colorado September 14, 2008

cain is listed Listed in Gen. 4:17-18; his wife gave birth to Enoch. It is not listed under the genealogy of Adam, because he lived in the land of NOD on the East of Eden. Completely away from any of his relations. my opinion only.. Reply

Elisheva Cleveland, Ohio January 30, 2008

Why no Cain? Because this section is about the descendants, not the sons. Reply

Richard Handy Houston, Texas January 13, 2008

Cain? Is he not the son of Adam? If so why is he not listed as a descendant of Adam? Reply

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