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Avi November 27, 2017

Is it available on iPhone? Reply

Anonymous Illinois July 3, 2017

The brilliance of Chabad and immediate connection to prayer and Jewish learning now on iPhone, Android, tablets, and wearables! Simple brilliance comes to mobile. I would love to see more features. Currently, the app acts as a website shortcut (there are ways to pin favorite websites to mobile or tablet home screens also, but if you go to the site all the time, this is the official instant connection!). Useful for those who go to Chabad frequently, the app needs to have all the interactive features or messaging or audio shortcuts which is why most people use apps - for the robust versatility. Good way to remind people to pray - if there isn't a siddur app, there needs to be. Other apps include the Apple watch wearable software from in-house Chabad software and other Google play apps such as Torah learning, so is also available on Android Wear (see Times of Israel article, Google Play -Add Chabad donations to Android pay). Probably where the apps would be most useful is on the drive or the run and return. Chabad is an innovator for web and mobile development in Jewish ed tech. Thanks. Highly recommended! Reply

Yossi Rego Park May 10, 2017

Could you put it on AppStore? Reply

James Ellette Tulsa July 25, 2016

Are you working on updating this app to work on the Galaxy 7? Reply

Diane Little Albuquerque January 13, 2016

iPhone or iPad, Pleas When will it be available for iOS devices? Reply