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G‑d’s Image

G‑d’s Image


We were created in G‑d’s image. What is His image? It is a vision. A vision that triggered the beginning of time.

From a point before and beyond all things, G‑d looked upon a moment in time to be. He saw there a soul, distant from Him in a turbulent world, yet yearning to return to Him and His oneness. And He saw the pleasure He would have from this reunion.

So He invested His infinite light into that finite image, and became one with that image, and in that image He created each one of us.

That vision that He saw, that was the moment now.

Maamar Padah B’Shalom 5738.

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Tzvi Freeman August 26, 2015

Clarification and edit I saw there has been some confusion on this, so I have slightly adjusted the text. I hope it will be clearer now. Reply

Anonymous Everett, Wa August 25, 2015

pondering Rabbi, am I understanding correctly, that each of us were created in HaShem's individual image, plan and purpose for our Being? Therefore we are all on different journeys.? Reply

Michele USA August 25, 2015

G‑d’s Image Discover yourself and you will discover G-d. The taking of an "Ancestry" test revealed to me just how analogous we are to each other. It is truly wonderful that G-d made us in His own image, every nation and nationality, although It would be His Perpetual Persona "Holiness" that would separate man from G-d.

He looked expecting to see me longing to return once again unto the safety of His arms and to hear and obey His voice as He infused within my heart the Light of His Torah.......Shelli

Often times I visulize myself as a baby, when speaking to G-d because I believe that it reminds HaShem of our innocence and His love for us at first sight. Reply

Brenda Toronto, Canada August 25, 2015

Copying G-d's Image G-d wants us to consciously learn how to become like Him in our connections with others as he wishes to bestow love to us. Then,this divine connection between us allows His presence to dwell amongst us as one soul.

He sees our final corrected state, while He wants us to recognize our current temporary state of self-centredness, so that He will reward us with His qualities - one step at a time ... until we are able to copy His image completely. Reply

Eugina Herrera New York, New York March 21, 2012

G-d's Image Very deep and moving, we are all in connection with him as "ONE"

Thanks for sharing this Rabbi Freeman. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA March 18, 2012

G-d's Image Anonymous in Netaya, Israel. It is very disconcerting to see some-one, smoking, or having tattoos, or in other words, destroying the holiness of one's body, isn't it? I too feel very dissapointed. But some of us at one time or another sin against our Precious Hashem, and hurt our own self. We need to pray for our people more so that Hashem open their eyes, turn their hearts to Him so that they would be healed from the sicknessess of this world we are living in today. Mashiach is coming soon. If we are expecting him, and know Torah. We will also know that things will be getting darker before our Mashiach comes to this world. That is the reason why we need to pray more for out brothers and sister for deliverance. Be well. Reply

Jacques Viera, FL/USA March 15, 2012

G-Ds image This a great comment and very real. And how could we be here without being of He's own creation? Reply

Anonymous Netanya, Israel March 14, 2012

We are created in the image of G-d I didn't know that G-d smoked, or enjoyed seeing his children with (voluntary) tattoos??? I especially cringe when I see mothers smoking in front of their children, ESPECIALLY orthodox women...I thought they would see the relationship between smoking and poisoning the holy kodesh of one's body, not to mention everybody else's.. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA March 14, 2012

G-d's Image Tha OneNess (in part continuing) of the L-rd is so amazing! Once we discover His beautiful presence, which is His desire, blessed be he, we are totally, and completely FREE! Tha pain of this world might affect us but for a moment, but His Presense transforms. Turning us into a clean, clear vessel, which can receive from that fountain of Precious Water of Life. Receive It. Blessed It. Accept It. Live!! Reply

valerie akron, oh March 14, 2012

in G-d's image what a beautiful thought to start the day. thank you Reply

Anonymous March 14, 2012

Image Rabbi. I have a question. When you speak of the yearning of soul to return to Oneness with G-d, is that a reference to the messianic era? Reply

Humberto Silva Morelli Santiago, Chile February 13, 2010

G-d's Image Querido rabino Tzvi Freeman.

Sus palabras son un bálsamo para mi alma. Son un poema de increíble profundidad. Quizás no sean muchos los que las sepan apreciar, pero el sentido que nos permite apreciar la belleza del alma no es el más común de los sentidos.

Un abrazo a mi antiguo amigo

Dear rabbi Tzvi Freeman.

Your words are a balm for my soul. They are a poem of incredible depth. Maybe be not many those that could appreciate them, because the sense that allows us to appreciate the beauty of the soul is not the more common of the senses.

A hug to my old friend Reply

Gil Great Neck , N.Y. / USA February 12, 2010

Created in G-d's Image Of course it is not in appearance - the statement could be referring to only one thing that other living creatures fail to have - and that is intellect - the one distinguishing characteristic that places man in a separate category. It certainly is below the infinite intellect of G-d. Man's intellect allows his apperception of a Supreme Creator and be the receiver of G-d's Mitzvoth. Reply

Michal February 11, 2010

Beautiful explanation... ...of something so difficuilt to describe. -
"Created in G-ds image" .
This way it is so natural, that our souls are yearning for the Oneness with Him..
The last sentence gives me the greatest happiness.
"As for that moment He saw, that was the moment now."
How much does this revaluate the "unimportant kind of life" I live at this moment.
Thank you, Rabbi Freeman! Reply

Ms. Freedman USA March 31, 2007

To Zoraida:
The question of pursuit is an interesting one. If we pursue the Lord we see that he's been in pursuit of us all our lives.
Those who live a life that reflects the way the Holy Lord wishes us to be, are always living in pursuit of Him. The question you should ask yourself is if you're fulfilled in the pursuit of Him; if you're not, then you have to re-evaluate your pursuit of Him.
May He richly bless you Reply

Zoraida Bloomfield, NJ February 27, 2007

???? Do I pursue you or do you pursue me? Reply