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Eric B. Whitacre, MD Tucson, AZ June 21, 2017

The video app works great on my iPhone! Reply

Anonymous Brasil February 16, 2017

Very good Reply

Felishia Freddy India November 24, 2016

This is amazing I like this Reply

Jenni Western Sydney September 21, 2016

I have just been introduced and love the link thank you ✡️
Jenni 😊 Reply

Rivkah Niagara Canada June 9, 2016

Windows Phone Users Just a little request from Windows phone users. Please make a windows friendly version of this app!

Please scroll down 👇 and see how many great people could benefit from this app on Windows! Reply

Rhonda Heim KINGSPORT May 11, 2016

Windows, Please. :(
I do not want or expect to get the IPhone, and am happy with mine, but I would LOVE your App. Reply

Wyetta Coppell, Texas April 7, 2016

Thank you Rabbi This is a mitzvah, baruch hashem Reply

Jacqueline van Heerden Brisbane February 16, 2016

If only this blessing could also be for those with a windows phone. Right now it says... Invalid source... How sad 😢 Reply

mike Mo February 13, 2016

"Most viewed" section shows no results "Most viewed" section shows no results for the last two weeks. Everything else works fine on this marvelous and informative app. I use an iPhone.

Please advise. Reply

franklin FOSTER Trinidad February 5, 2016

Windows phone app Agree
Would be great if available on Windows phone Reply

Darren Ward February 3, 2016

Yes please, apps for windows alarm reminder. Please include an app for prayer and the times from waking with instructions on the rules to an alarm reminder of rules for the day an alarm reminded to pray. Reply

DH Brooklyn Heights January 28, 2016

windows phone Please create an app for windows phone. Reply

Menachem Bolles November 10, 2015

Windows phone Please add for windows phone Reply

Brian & Deanna Anderson October 4, 2015

Microsoft applications for phone Rabbi,
Please let me know when you're ready for beta testing of a Windows phone app.
Thanks in advance,
Brian Reply

iLlya De Kalu Bieber September 14, 2015

i would like to download
Thank you Reply

Franklin foster Trinidad September 14, 2015

Would be great if the app is available for Windows phone. Reply

jeanette Vorster Stilbaai. South Africa May 17, 2015

Thank you so much I hope to hear from you soon, Jeanette Vorster Stilbaai, South Africa, ShalomJea Reply

heather x May 13, 2015

Hate! It is not just in America that you will find closed minds and attitudes, but unfortunately isn't all the trouble in the World today because people will not talk rationally to one another! But instead try to impose their own view points on others which in turn causes hate and eventually aggression if you are not very careful indeed! When I have met people like this I have said, how have you come to this way of thinking? Have you actually, with an open mind, gone to find out for yourself? Take the Charities that help the third World for instance! Some people do have very closed minds to them saying why should I help them? They are nothing to do with me! I then tell them to go to these countries to find out for themselves why we should help them! But no no is said to me! It is as if they are afraid to be proved wrong? Or am I wrong in this thinking? Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia March 23, 2015

It would be really nice to have this app for windows phone. Reply

Anonymous February 24, 2015

I would like to know if in the near future you are able to add close caption for the benefit of the deaf people. It will be a blessing! Reply