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Winter Garden Salad

Winter Garden Salad


½ head lettuce
1 large cucumber, peeled
1 medium green pepper
½ cup diced celery
½ cup sliced scallions
4 radishes
3 medium tomatoes
3 shredded spinach of red cabbage leaves (optional)

1/3 cup oil
1/8 cup vinegar
1 tsp. Salt
Pinch sugar
1/8 tsp. Pepper
1 clove garlic, minced

Prepare vegetables to desired size and combine in salad bowl.

Combine dressing ingredients in jar. Shake well. Add dressing to salad and toss.

USE: Salad bowl
YIELDS: 4 servings

Excerpted from Spice and Spirit, The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook, published by Lubavitch Women's Cookbook Publications
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da brooklyn, ny September 4, 2009

Winter Garden Salad yummy Reply

Lisa Providence, RI May 1, 2008

Winter Garden Salad This salad looks like a salad you can eat all year round! Reply

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