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Additional Names for Shavuot

Additional Names for Shavuot


Shavuot is also the celebration of the wheat harvest and the ripening of the first fruits, which is the reason for the other two biblical names for this holiday: 1) "Yom Habikurim" or the "Day of the First Fruits." 2) "Chag HaKatzir," the "Harvest Festival."

In the Talmud, Shavuot is also called "Atzeret," which means "The Stoppage," a reference to the prohibition against work on this holiday.

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jessie lininy June 25, 2016

what is the meaning of shavout Reply

Anonymous America May 29, 2017
in response to jessie lininy:

To be thankful of the Torah Reply

jose melendez congers, ny May 28, 2009

holidays and customs i work in a mostly jewish area , and this site helps me understand and relate to the culture and traditions of my fellow jewish workers,.... Reply

Anonymous northbrook, iL May 17, 2005

bat mitzvah I find this website very helpful because i am becoming a bas mitzvahin December and I am using he website to make my speech. thank you very much for all the help this website has given me Reply

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