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Shavuot Calendar 2017

Shavuot Calendar 2017


During the course of the holiday we don’t go to work, drive, write, or switch on or off electric devices. We are permitted to cook, to kindle a stove with a flame that existed before the holiday (or which was lit from such a flame), and to carry outdoors.


Sivan 5—May 30

Shavuot eve

It is customary to decorate synagogues and homes with flowers and boughs .

The holiday of Shavuot begins tonight.

Women and girls light candles tonight to usher in the holiday. Click here for candle-lighting times in your city, and click here for the blessings one recites while lighting.

After the holiday evening prayers, a festive holiday meal, complete with the recitation of the holiday kiddush, is enjoyed.

On this night it is customary to remain awake and study Torah until dawn.



Sivan 6—May 31

First day of Shavuot
Torah reading: Exodus 19:1–20:23; Numbers 28:26–31
Haftorah: Ezekiel 1:1–28; 3:12

Reading of the Ten Commandments.

All men, women and children should go to the synagogue to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments. Click here to find a synagogue near you.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, encouraged the bringing of even the youngest of children to the reading of the Ten Commandments in the synagogue on Shavuot. This is in commemoration of the Jewish people declaring: “Our children are our guarantors [that we will keep the Torah].” This, the Midrash states, was the only guarantee acceptable to G‑d.

The priests bless the congregation with the Priestly Blessing during the Musaf prayer.

Many communities chant the Akdamut poem before the reading of the Torah.

Kiddush is recited, and a holiday meal follows.

It is customary to eat dairy foods today. Click here for delicious dairy recipes.

Candle-lighting, from a pre-existing flame, after nightfall. Click here for candle-lighting times in your city, and and click here for the blessings.

Whoever will say yizkor tomorrow lights a yahrtzeit candle tonight, also from a pre-existing flame.

After the holiday evening prayers, a festive holiday meal, complete with the recitation of the holiday kiddush, is again enjoyed.



Sivan 7—June 1

Second day of Shavuot
Torah reading: Deuteronomy 15:19–16:17; Numbers 28:26–31
Haftarah: Habakkuk 2:20–3:19

The Yizkor memorial service is recited (and charity is pledged) for the souls of departed loved ones.

The priests bless the congregation with the Priestly Blessing during the Musaf prayer.

Kiddush is recited, and a holiday meal follows.

Some communities have the custom to read the Book of Ruth on the second day of Shavuot.

The holiday ends tonight at nightfall. Click here for end of holiday times in your location.

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Anonymous Smallmanthing May 25, 2017

Can I used a blow torch to light the candles Reply

Menachem Posner Chicago May 26, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Technically, you can use a blowtorch to light the candles before the onset of Shavuot. If you would want to use it the second night, you would need to light the torch from a pre-existing flame in such a way that you do not set off the sparker or otherwise create a new flame.

That said, whatever you do, make sure it is perfectly safe beforehand. Reply

Adonai's Anointed Pittsburgh June 13, 2016

Thank you for this helpful schedule. Shalom. Reply Staff via June 10, 2016

To Anonymous That is a reference to a candle that lasts over 24 hours, it can be found in kosher food stores and Judaica stores. You'd light that candle this evening and use that flame to light your gas stove after Shabbat ends tomorrow. Reply

Anonymous Kingsland June 10, 2016

I'm confused; on one hand, I read that candles should last 2-3 hours. Then it says you must light the candle the next day from a "pre-existing flame" from Friday. Well if it burned out, how would I do that? Is a flame to be kept going throughout the holiday? Please help! Reply Staff via May 19, 2015

To Rick In that case you light them. See this link for more information on that. Reply

Rick Ohio May 18, 2015

Hloiday Candles What if you're a single man, what do you do about the candles? Reply Staff June 6, 2014

to Mila There is no official bracha for lighting a yahrtzeit candle. Some have the custom of saying "harei ani madlik ner zeh le-iluiy nishmat ____ ben _____". I hereby light this candle in memory of ____ son/daughter of _____. Reply

Mila New York June 6, 2014

Brocha for yahrtzeit Is there a brocha for lighting the yahrtzeit candle? Reply

Kabadiah Ben Yishai Los Angeles April 1, 2013

work So now that we have knowledge of what day it really is can we work the second day. Reply

Will Fairport, NY/US May 28, 2012

shavuot Thank you for the clear and detailed info. Was in Miami w/my daughter and saw many dressed up Sun/Mon and wondered what holiday and what significance. This explained well.
Appreciate it. Reply

louise leon long pond, PA via May 28, 2012

shavuot now I'm totally confused, as usual! I understood that shavuot is the beginning of the harvest festivals, when we pray that
G-d will give us a good harvest throughout the coming season and that Simchat Torah
is when we thank G-d for the giving of the Torah. How backwards am I ? Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via June 7, 2011

Blessings Sure, you can find the candle lighting blessings at this link Reply

Ann Morrison St Paul, MN USA June 7, 2011

candle lighting; see below for the blessings??? Please provide candle lighting blessings recited.

Thanks, Ann Reply

Chana Tampa, Florida May 25, 2011

Working on Shavuot I need to be clear. I can work on June 7, on June 8 Friday, no work, correct? Then we are into Shabbat. Does the holiday go into Sunday? Not sure about the 2 days. the 7th is Erev..right? Reply

Jana May 25, 2011

Work on Shavot? To find if you are supposed to work or not for the feast of weeks, go to the torah. Its is to be a high sabbath, a holy convocation, a moed unto G-d. Reply

Jen Ellerslie, GA May 28, 2008

work-2 days or 1 day Outside of Israel an extra day is added to holidays because in the old days it took a while for the message that the new moon had been observed to propagate to the Diaspora, so to make sure the right day was celebrated in the Diaspora, two days are celebrated in case we started the holiday too early. This was never done in Israel, so that's why they only take the Monday off. Reply

Anonymous May 20, 2008

work so if i understand correctly those two days you are not working? because in israel its only the monday that one is not working! Reply

Anonymous Karmiel, Israel May 19, 2008

Shavuot This is so clear!

Thank you so much.

However, if someone were to want to know if they can work, where would they locate this ? Reply

Nathaniel Jhirad Bombay, India May 21, 2007

Very well presented for understanding Reply

Anonymous nice, france May 19, 2007

shavuot perfectly clear Reply

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